Perfect husband on Instagram, Pyong Lee breaks his face on Ilha Record

More than losing the chance to earn R$ 500 thousand, the influencer Pyong Lee had his life turned upside down after his participation in the reality Ilha Record, which came to an end last Thursday (09/09). Even before the show’s debut, the participant saw the image of “a Christian and a husband” collapsed, displayed in posts and in the Instagram bio. In fact, it is very symbolic that the 28-year-old content creator has deleted the biographical text from the social network.

Ilha Record was the hypnologist’s third foray into reality shows on open TV. Before, he participated in BBB20, on Globo, and in Bake Off Brasil Celebridades, on SBT. In disputes, Pyong has always shown that he likes to be seen as a player full of plans, with great ability to argue and influence opponents’ decisions. On the island, he even celebrated the fact of being defined by other participants as a strategist and manipulator. Pure marketing: in all three programs, he left without feeling the taste of victory.

In the reality of Record, however, the situation was a little worse. Perhaps because he was the most experienced in such shows among the rest of the cast, Pyong came in feeling like the big one. There was an air of superiority to every speech and every gesture seemed calculated. As he saw the plans work out, he seemed more ego-dominated, delved deeper into the character of the relentless player.


The arrogance was noticed by the public on social networks and, despite the large fan club, the hypnotist also garnered much criticism throughout the season. Many, by the way, motivated by a scene shown by Record in the call that promoted the launch of the reality. Amid rumors of a more intimate involvement between Pyong and Antonela Avellaneda, the station showed an image in which the two appeared lying on the same bed. Devastating!

Sammy, Pyong’s wife, wept at Stories and announced the end of the marriage. While followers defended the hypnotist and accused the station of sensationalizing in search of an audience, the progress of the episodes showed that the proximity between Brazilians and Argentines had become an issue among other explorers. Many even expressed concern about the ex-BBB’s marriage. Pyong downplayed. Despite doing so many calculations in the game, he didn’t count the damage that the scenes could cause. A gigantic strategic failure…
As the program aired with all episodes recorded, Pyong was already out of confinement when his marital crisis became the subject of specialized websites and gossip programs. In an attempt to regain control of the situation, he fell silent. He disappeared from social networks and fell into a deep silence. Probably upset with the way Record handled the episode, he didn’t make a single post to promote the reality. Worse: he deleted all the photos of the show he had posted on Instagram.

What would redemption be? Win the dispute for R$ 500 thousand. If I did, maybe I could use the old saying that puts bad luck in love on the lucky ones in the game. But in a stroke of luck – or lack thereof – Pyong failed miserably. In the grand final, visibly embarrassed and monosyllabic, he was defeated by Any Borges, named by the public as the worst player of the season. And he was even humiliated by her, hearing a loud “checkmate”.

Defeated, he will receive a prize of R$100 thousand. Maybe you can pay for some crisis management service, to recover the image of a good…player? Will need!