Petrobras changes contract models for fuel sales

September 10, 2021 | 17:04

Petrobras changes contract models for fuel sales

Petrobras has approved new contractual models for the sale of gasoline A (without the addition of ethanol) and diesel oil (road and maritime) to fuel distributors. Petrobras did not give details about the new models, but informed this Friday (10) that there will be no changes in its pricing policy for these products.

According to the company, its pricing practices will continue to be aligned with international markets.

The decision to create new contractual models with distributors aims to increase competitiveness and bring flexibility to the company in adopting new commercial strategies.

??In the current market scenario, characterized by the entry of imported product by third parties and by the process of divestment of refining assets, it is necessary to promote improvements in some commercial and operational clauses. These adjustments, defined based on the experience gained over the term of the current contracts and as a result of customer feedback, seek to strengthen the commercial relationship with our customers and the company’s competitiveness”, says Petrobras, in a note.

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