Police identify suspects of killing boys

Rio’s Civil Police identified criminals suspected of being involved in the death of the three missing boys in Belford Roxo, Baixada Fluminense, in December last year. The drug dealers are from the Castelar community, where the boys lived.

The motive for the crime was the theft of a little bird, according to the secretary of Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, Allan turnowski, to Radio Tupi. The line of investigation had been investigated by the police in recent months, as reported by the UOL.

Lucas Matheus, 9, Alexandre Silva, 11, and Fernando Henrique, 12, were last seen at an open market in the Areia Branca neighborhood, also in Belford Roxo. Before, the boys had met to play ball.

The names of the criminals involved in the killings were not officially released. However, the UOL found that a drug dealer known as Estala had a direct role in the crime.

He was later killed in Complexo da Penha, in the north of Rio de Janeiro. According to the police, the Castelar community functions as a “branch” of Penha, which is dominated by the CV (Red Command).

Two other drug dealers are investigated in the investigation — they are known as Piranha and Urso. Both are also suspected of involvement in the case of a man who was tortured and pointed out by residents of the Castilian as the person responsible for the disappearance of the boys.

According to the Civil Police, this accusation was made to hinder the investigations. The man had no connection with the case and had to leave Castelar, where he lived, due to a security risk.

Last month, delegate Uriel Alcântara, responsible for the case, told the reporter that he was working with the hypothesis that the boys had been killed within the community, after returning from the fair.

“We work with the possibility of subtraction, of theft of a cage with a bird and, as a result, the traffic would have taken these children. We do not know how it would have happened, but we know that, as a result, they were caught and killed within the community,” he informed at the time.

Although the police work with the fact that the children are dead, the bodies have not been found. One witness even said that the boys were thrown into a river in Belford Roxo—searches were carried out, but nothing was found.

The children’s families say they believe the boys are alive.

Defender watches information with caution

The Public Defender of Rio de Janeiro said yesterday that it receives with caution the information transmitted about the investigation of the three boys.

According to defender Gislaine Kepe, “while there is no consistency in the evidence already gathered by the police on this case, as long as there is no identification of those responsible for murder or disappearance, the Defender’s Office and the families do not understand that this case has arrived. to the end.”

It was last month that the DHBF (Homicide Police Station of the Baixada Fluminense) delegate, Uriel Alcântara, said for the first time that the boys had been killed by drug dealers.

The unit’s main line of investigation has always been the involvement of drug trafficking in the boys’ disappearance.