Porto Velho gas stations are fined by Procon for abusive increases – General – Rondoniagora.com

In accordance with a routine practice, reinforced by the blockade of the BR-364 by the movement of truck drivers, the Consumer Guidance and Defense Program of Rondônia (Procon), reinforced the inspection of the fuel trade in the state and issued a fine on Thursday (9 ), in Porto Velho, five posts for abusive price practices.

According to the coordinator of the agency, Ihgor Rego, it is not reasonable that at a time of difficulty for the population there are those who want to take advantage of it and the Public Authorities, represented by Procon, will not tolerate or allow any kind of abuse or disrespect for the consumer. “The increase in fuel prices is possible. What is prohibited is an unjustified, speculative increase”, he said, noting that in this case the proposal of the assessed posts was to take advantage of the consumer at this time of difficulty and fragility.

The coordinator explained that the inspection of trade, including gas stations, carried out by technicians, is a daily practice that aims to regularly monitor prices to detect possible irregularities. According to him, with the blockade of the highways it was necessary to intensify Procon inspections to prevent abuses against consumers, notably in relation to extortionate price increases.


Ihgor Rego announced for this Friday (10) the carrying out of a major operation on the network of gas stations to curb any initiative or intention to harm consumers. “We are monitoring the trade, and we are going to punish transgressors,” he said, warning that under no circumstances, and especially at this time of difficulty for the consumer, Procon will allow these abusive practices to be committed.

In March of this year, in response to allegations of fraud and irregularities, Procon, in a direct operation against abuses to consumers, fined and closed two gas stations in Porto Velho for irregularities in the flow of pumps that caused damage to consumers.

The coordinator of the Rondônia consumer protection agency called on the population to report the abuses and advised everyone who felt harmed or harmed to forward their complaints and complaints to the Procon communication and service channels – Telephone 151, WhatsApp (69) 98491- 2986, and also to its official page – procon.ro.gov.br and consumer.gov.br, to receive the desired service.