Promo on Play Store: 47 free or discounted Android apps and games

It’s Friday, and if you’re also looking for a weekend schedule, there’s a wide variety of games and apps on sale in the Play Store. The app store is undergoing a redesign of its app rating system to improve users’ title search experience.

Today there are 47 promotional titles — of the total, 14 are temporarily free; and the other 33 are available at discounts from their original prices for users of Android, an operating system that should reach its new stable version soon.

Although there is a smaller amount of apps on sale this Friday (10), you can still check out the dozens of titles released last Wednesday (08) by TudoCelular. The listing includes games like Star Wars: KOTOR and Star Wars: KOTOR II.

Today’s offers highlight the Sun 705 Complete Adventure, an award-winning title full of adventure and attractions for players who enjoy solving puzzles. Despite having characters’ speeches in English, the devs provided subtitles in several languages, including Portuguese. The promotion will end next Saturday (11).

Remember that you will not need to pay any amount or register a credit card or voucher to purchase the free apps. Just log in and add to your Google account. Thus, you will be able to guarantee the title’s lifetime license in your login, regardless of the device you are using. Check out the list below!

So, do you intend to purchase one of the apps on sale today? Comment!