Rivaldo says he wouldn’t go to Galvão Bueno’s barbecue: ‘I’d rather stay at home’

Five-time world champion with the Brazilian team, former player Rivaldo caused controversy by talking about the relationship between him and narrator Galvão Bueno, from Rede Globo.

During an interview with Channel 21, on YouTube, the former player was asked if he would participate in a barbecue at the narrator’s house, if invited, and replied that he would not.

“I have nothing against Galvão. I’ve seen him several times, he speaks very highly of me. I’ve been with him in Orlando, but [se ele me chamasse para um churrasco], I would prefer to stay at home,” said Rivaldo.

This is not the first time that the former 10-shirt of the Brazilian team reveals that he has some kind of grief from Galvão. In 2014, after Brazil’s defeat by the Netherlands, in the decision of third place in the World Cup, the narrator listed some idols of the Brazilian team and did not mention Rivaldo.

The former midfielder then went to social media to say that he did not need Galvão Bueno’s recognition.

“I don’t need your recognition, Galvão Bueno. The Brazilian people and the world know my importance to the history of the Brazilian team and world football. I never had to suck up to anyone in the media. I played my role, and very well done. And you. Galvão knows very well why I’m saying this,” wrote Rivaldo at the time.