Robson Conceição is defeated and loses world title shot

In an undefeated duel held this Friday (10), in the city of Tucson, Arizona (USA), Robson Conceição was defeated for the first time in his career and postponed his dream of winning a world title. In front of Oscar Valdez, champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC), the Brazilian was overcome by points after 12 rounds of intense exchange of blows.

Despite starting better, the Bahian boxer, gold medalist at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, dropped in performance and ended up surpassed by the experience and game volume of the champion, who even bleeding walked forward at all times, always confident in the power of his attacks.

In this way, the Brazilian lost his chance to become the seventh Brazilian to sport a belt from one of the four main entities that govern the sport. Éder Jofre, Miguel de Oliveira, Acelino ‘Popó’, Waldermir ‘Sertão’, Rose Volante and Patrick Teixeira make the list of our champions.

At 32, Robson, Brazil’s first Olympic boxing champion, now boasts a professional record of 16 wins and one loss. On the other hand, the Mexican, who had the presence of the multi-champion Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez in the crowd, noted his victory of number 30, in a curriculum that remains impeccable.

It is worth remembering that, in 2009, when they were still competing as amateurs, the athletes measured strength in Mexico City, in a dispute that was won by the Brazilian. After 12 years, Valdez narrowly missed the opportunity for the rematch to be cancelled.

Last month, the Mexican was caught in an anti-doping test for using the substance phentermine. After denying having used the product, Valdez appealed in court and was released to compete after the court found that the amount found of the stimulant, according to international standards, would be prohibited only if found days before the confrontation.

The fight

The first round was marked by the Brazilian’s territorial dominance. Walking forward, the athlete attacked with crosses from short distance and alternated attacks on the body and head, while the champion, in a timid way, bet on the power of his rights. Robson 10 x 9 Valdez.

In the second round, Robson increased the volume of attacks and quickly pressed the champion against the ropes with sequences of up to four strikes. With difficulty connecting his jab, the Mexican suffered with the challenger’s left hooks. Robson 20 x 18 Valdez.

The third step was more aggressive. With two crusaders that bumped into Robson’s defense, the Mexican athlete finally showed the power of his attacks and cornered the challenger in the first seconds. But, experienced, the Brazilian used the ring area and managed the distance and balanced with jabs. Minimal advantage for the Mexican. Robson 29 x 28 Valdez.

Oscar Valdez managed to shorten the distance more easily in the fourth round. However, when trying to stage a more open and frank fight, the confident champion opened gaps to be hit by a cautious rival, who abused the precision of his jabs to impose his superiority in the stage. Robson 39 x 37 Valdez.

The Olympic champion’s strategy attracted attention in the fifth round. In addition to perfectly dodging his rival’s attacks, Robson started to tease with his guard down and sometimes look to the side, indicating that Valdez’s attacks were far from reaching him. New advantage based on attack volume. Robson 49 x 46 Valdez.

The sixth round was dominated by the Mexican. Owner of the center of the ring, Valdez walked up without stopping and pressed the challenger at all times, always betting on the power of his hooks and crosses. In turn, the Brazilian invested in counter-coups – which were not enough to reverse the result. Robson 58 x 56 Valdez.

In the seventh stage, the Mexican’s pace made the difference. Shoved by the audience, Valdez absorbed Robson’s attacks and walked forward. Favored by the natural drop in the pace of the dispute, the champion started hitting the Brazilian’s body more easily. Robson 67 x 66 Valdez.

More tired, Robson did not find himself in the eighth round. With attacks on the Brazilian’s body, Valdez returned to impose his dominance and balanced the dispute that seemed lost, to the delight of the fans. Robson 76 x 76 Valdez.

In round nine, Robson landed a blow to the back of the Mexican’s head and was punished with a negative point. To make matters worse, the Brazilian walked too far back and didn’t connect his attacks against each other anymore. Turnaround. Robson 84 x 86 Valdez.

Even looking more tired, Conceição returned more aggressive for the tenth stage and better used his blows in a straight line. Despite dropping income in the second half of the round and being cornered against bars, the Brazilian opened a cut on his rival’s face and won by minimal advantage. Robson 94 x 95 Valdez.

More tired, Robson did little in the 11th round. Despite dodging well the opponent’s attacks, who hit him with a punch to the back of the head and was only warned by the referee, the Brazilian was very defensive and left the advantage of the scorecard to the champion. Robson 103 x 105 Valdez.

Off guard, Robson struggled to hit Valdez in the face. During the last three minutes, the clinches marked the challenger’s attacks, who by this time walked backwards and dodged the rival’s powerful attacks. Robson 112 x 115 Valdez.