Rowing coach congratulates the group and makes a request to the fans | Sport Para | Online Diary

Clube do Remo achieved a very important result by beating Vitória 2-1 at Barradão, for the 23rd round of the Series B of the Brazilian Nationals. The Azulinos once again open up the advantage for the Z-4 ​​and guarantee greater peace of mind to receive Avaí, in the team’s next commitment in the national competition, as they ended a fast of three games without a win.

After the duel against Leão da Barra, coach Felipe Conceição gave an interview to talk about the Azulina team’s match, which showed different performances in the two periods of the duel. He took the opportunity to exalt the group, which is still in a lot of trouble because of the embezzlement round after round. In addition, he made a special request to the azulino fan.

Check out the main excerpts from the press conference:


“We played a great game. We grow during the game. It was natural for Vitória’s team, living in a good moment, to come up in the first half and attack a lot both in marking and in the offensive part. We had difficulties. We managed to control it well despite the goal. I see that we improved the first half in a positive way. I made some adjustments in the range. We were confident that we could take care of the game. It was a game strategy. We knew about the opponent’s wear and tear. Today, we celebrate another positive result away from home. It is the fourth game without losing away from Belém. It is an important mark in a difficult championship. We played a great game, just like it was against Botafogo. Today, the ball entered. That was the difference.”

“The conversation at the break was practically the same as the one I did in the lecture. The team came with three positive results away from home. Confidence was given to the athletes. We are growing as a cast despite the adversities we are facing. Beating Vitória here is not easy. We have to stick to the day-to-day work so that we are consistent, as we are in the competition, always scoring, to achieve our main objective, which is to remain in Serie B. We are facing the problems with embezzlement with a lot of courage, manliness, work . The group is to be congratulated. Congratulations to everyone. We have to think positive, because Remo has been doing a great campaign in Series B”


“We will have another difficult game, as they are all in Serie B. There is no easy game. I ask the fans to always think positively. Send positive messages to this group as the players are fighting a lot for Rowing. We’re working hard to stay in Serie B, which isn’t easy because of the level of competition. It’s a different year. Atypical for Rowing and we are facing many difficulties with manhood. I ask the fans to support our athletes and push Rowing, as this is important for us”


“Wellington is returning from injury. He spent a week interspersed with ball and physical preparation. It was a plan to use it only at the end of the match. We trained with Pingo on the side and thank God he did well. Marcos Júnior did well, as well as the rest of those who entered. This shows the day to day work. We had Raimar’s work. Vinícius made two impressive saves. Finally, we showed the strength of the group. Remo is on the right track. It will not be easy. The competition is getting harder and harder, but we are getting stronger and we will do a lot for Remo”