Russian wrestler’s biceps ‘burst’ during fight and athlete is at risk of amputating arms; watch video – Play

Russian fighter Kirill Tereshin, known as Popeye, suffered a serious injury to the biceps of his left arm during an MMA fight. The musculature of both arms began to swell and turn red during combat, when the athlete exchanged punches with the opponent. The clash had to be stopped by the referee.

Kirill is under medical supervision and will need to undergo surgery to remove skin and muscle from his arms. Given the seriousness of the situation, Popeye runs the risk of having both arms amputated.

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The fighter, known for showing off on the internet with biceps disproportionate to the rest of his body, confesses that his muscles are not the result of intense training. The volume is due to the use of synthol oil, which makes the arms more swollen. The substance, however, can lead to muscle fibrosis.

recent problem

It’s not the first time Kirill Tereshin has had problems with his arms. In late 2019, Popeye was forced to undergo a surgical procedure to remove 1.3 kg of dead muscle and three liters of petroleum jelly from his biceps.

Kirill is used to showing his arms on Instagram. On social networks, it calls itself “bazooka hands”.

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