Sainz goes off track and destroys front of Ferrari at TL2 in Monza

Carlos Sainz destroyed the Ferrari on the Ascari Variant at the TL2 in Monza (Photo: Formula 1/Twitter)

Carlos Sainz had another accident on a Saturday in Formula 1 (Video: Formula 1)

After a quiet Friday of training and qualifying, Saturday (11) in Monza began with an accident and a red flag at the halfway mark of the second and final training session for the Italian GP. And it was a home car crash: Carlos Sainz, making his Ferrari debut on the northern Italian track, lost control and crashed to considerable damage.

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The Ferrari driver lost his car in control of the Ascari chicane. After going through the first leg touching the zebra, he ran out of control for once before diving into the second part. The red car veered towards the front guardrail.

The accident tore off a considerable part of the front: nose and front wing were torn off and the right and especially left suspensions were also broken. The good news is that the suspension arm remained attached to the car, but it’s considerable damage for Ferrari to fix until the qualifying race soon.

Carlos Sainz suffered his third accident in the last GP weekends (Photo: Formula 1/Twitter)
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So strong was the impact that the onboard camera clearly shows how the pilot’s head was pushed forward and the back of the helmet was fully visible. On the radio, when questioned by the team, Sainz said that “it had hurt” but that everything was fine. It took a while, but he got out of the car alone and looked at the damage done in front.

Sainz has had a string of accidents in recent races, which is worrying for the season’s sequence. The Spaniard starts in seventh place for the qualifying race, just ahead of fellow and eighth placed Charles Leclerc.

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