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After so long under the restrictions of the covid-19 pandemic, many people who had stopped practicing physical exercises are slowly returning to movement. In the ride to the Olympics, new sports have gained popularity, such as skateboarding. Others, who were already darlings, were even more popular with Brazilians, such as footvolley. Not to mention swimming, basketball, running…

To give strength to those who are back on the courts, pools and parks, we have prepared a list with some sporting accessories that will make this moment more pleasant and healthy.

Check out the list of suggestions:

Massage Cap – Speedo

Price: BRL 29.61*


Speedo Massage Headdress - Reproduction/Amazon - Reproduction/Amazon

Speedo Massage Cap

Image: Reproduction/Amazon

Indispensable item for those who decided to venture into the pools. This Speedo cap has an affordable price, good headgear and protection against chlorinated water. It has built-in massage pins that help keep it in place while relaxing the scalp. Standard adult size.

Neoprene anklet – Ax Sports

Price: BRL 34.90*


Neoprene Anklet - Reproduction/Amazon - Reproduction/Amazon

Neoprene anklet

Image: Reproduction/Amazon

It can be used by new footvolley athletes who are concerned with keeping their ankles up to date. With compression in the ankle region, it improves the sensation of joint stability and helps to relieve pain. In case of injuries, the ideal is to seek a professional.

Basketball Playoff Ball IX – Penalty

Price: BRL 67.07*


Basketball Playoff Ball IX Penalty 78 cm Orange - Reproduction/Amazon - Reproduction/Amazon

Basketball Playoff Ball IX Penalty 78 cm Orange

Image: Reproduction/Amazon

On-call basketball players will enjoy this Amazon nomination. Made of vulcanized rubber, providing high resistance and abrasion, it has a nozzle system that surrounds the needle and protects the air chamber. Does not need lubrication and can be replaced. To receive it full, you must order the product in this option. Available in adult size.

Kneepad – Progne Sports

Price: from BRL 24.39 to BRL 44.99*


Progne Sports Kneepad - Reproduction/Amazon - Reproduction/Amazon

Progne Sports Kneepad

Image: Reproduction/Amazon

Ideal for volleyball, it is Amazon’s best-selling list of knee braces in the sport. It has cushioning for cushioning, four centimeters of impact protection and is available in sizes P, M and G. The product can also be used by practitioners of futsal, polidance and martial arts.

Smart Mi Band 6- Xiaomi Bracelet

Price: from BRL 237 to BRL 213.00*


Smart Mi Band 6 Bracelet - Playback/Amazon - Playback/Amazon

Smart Mi Band 6 Bracelet

Image: Reproduction/Amazon

The Mi Band 6 is a smart wristband that records all the daily activity performed by the wearer: it measures various brands in terms of steps taken, distances covered, calories consumed, heart rate, and other common features in a watch. With the battery fully charged and normal daily use, it can last up to 14 days without recharging, according to the manufacturer.

Thermal shorts – Progne Sports

Price: R$36.99 to R$60*


Thermal Shorts for Sports Activities - Reproduction/Amazon - Reproduction/Amazon

Thermal Shorts for Sports Activities

Image: Reproduction/Amazon

Best-selling item in Amazon’s Fighting Gear and Martial Arts category. Indicated for physical and aerobic activities, it reduces friction between the thighs and prevents chafing. It helps prevent injury and is excellent for muscle compression. The product is made of 85% polyamide and 15% elastane fabric. It is available up to GG size.

Elastic Band – LiveUp

Price: BRL 36.82*


Elastic Band 2, 1200 x 150 x 0.5 mm - Reproduction/Amazon - Reproduction/Amazon

Elastic Band 2

Image: Reproduction/Amazon

The latex elastic band can be used for stretching and muscle strengthening, in addition to activities that improve motor coordination, increase mobility and flexibility. To wash, just use running water. It has a progressive resistance system and is available in black, red and pink. Product measures: 1.20 mx 1.50 mx 0.5 mm.

swimming goggles Hydrovision – Speedo

Price: BRL 64.90*


Speedo Hydrovision Swimming Goggles - Reproduction/Amazon - Reproduction/Amazon

Speedo Hydrovision Swimming Goggles

Image: Reproduction/Amazon

It features soft, comfortable suction cups, UV protection and anti-fog treatment on polycarbonate lenses. It is designed with “soft frame” technology, which integrates suction cup, frame and nose support, providing comfort during longer workouts and safety in outdoor activities. Offers a panoramic view to the swimmer and has a sealing area.

Sports helmet for skateboards and roller skates – Mega Shopping

Price: BRL 64.90


Adult skate and skate helmet - Reproduction/Amazon - Reproduction/Amazon

adult helmet

Image: Reproduction/Amazon

It is a resistant accessory, light and with a modern design. It has air intakes that provide better ventilation and an adjustable buckle opening. Dimensions are approximately 14 cm high x 21 cm wide x 24 cm long. Ideal for skateboarding and other sports that require head protection.

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*Prices and list were checked on September 3, 2021 to update this article. They may vary over time.

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