Serie A clubs take action in the STJD against Flamengo


Only Cuiabá and Atlético-MG did not sign the action forwarded to the STJD last night, 10th, which had the adhesion of other 17 clubs from the A series


After release from the city hall, Flamengo won an injunction from the STJD that allows the holding of matches with the presence of the public | Credit: Getty Images

The city hall of Rio de Janeiro has already released the presence of the public in the stadiums, and Flamengo has already announced the sale of tickets and is preparing for the reunion with its fans in the match against Grêmio. Maracanã will work with 35% of its capacity.

The club’s decision, however, displeased the other teams from the A series that do not have the same permission to have the fans back at the stadium and therefore 17 clubs filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) to ask for the overthrow of the injunction that allows Flamengo to play with the public in matches valid for the national championships. The idea is that the public only return to the stadiums when all clubs have sanitary conditions and permission for the fans to return.

The action received yesterday by the STJD was signed by clubs: São Paulo, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos, Fortaleza, Bahia, Internacional, Grêmio, Athletico, Ceará, Red Bull Bragantino, Fluminense, Juventude, Sport, América-MG, Chapecoense and Atlético- GO. Palmeiras was the one who headed the signings, despite Grêmio having already threatened not to take the field in the match against the Rio de Janeiro club.

Cuiabá and Atlético-MG did not sign the action. Atlético had already positioned itself stating that it would not participate in the action as it had also made a request similar to Flamengo’s only STJD, but despite the release, it would not use the injunction in the name of sporting fair play.

Cuiabá informed in a note that it would not join the action against Flamengo, but will wait for the meeting with all clubs. “Although it understands that there are already sanitary conditions for the fans to return, the club will wait for the meeting between all teams on September 28th and hopes that there will be consensus for the release from October 2nd”, informs the note.

The case’s judgment date is Sept. 23, but teams are hoping that the definition would come out sooner. Despite this, Flamengo has already opened ticket sales for a match against Grêmio on the 15th, Wednesday, for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil.