Simone clarifies rumors of end of duo with Simaria: “It doesn’t roll”

Simone, Simaria’s duo, released a new video, this Friday (10/9), explaining several fake news that circulate on the web about her career and personal life.

Among the rumors was one that Simone would break up with Simaria, and that the “blame” would be Juliette, winner of BBB21.


“Guys, it’s the following: we were doing an advertising campaign for a brand and the idea of ​​advertising is that the third colleague would exist because we were brand ambassadors. Then we were instigating the fans about who would be the third friend – and it was the beer. Having finished BBB at that time, a lot of people started to comment that it was Juliette, because she sings and stuff. But now, at this point in his career, after so many years, putting a third person to sing with us doesn’t work”, he shot.

Soon after, the countrywoman commented on the rumors that she would be thinking of doing plastic surgery after gaining 23kg.

“This is something I’ve been thinking about since the day I was born. Today I’m more afraid of plastic surgery because of the children, but I’m the type of person who says ‘if you’re not happy, do it’. I gained a lot of weight during Zaya’s pregnancy, and now I’m on a bad diet. I did a lot of tests to find my problem and found out, but I’ll tell you that later. I’m fighting to lose those pounds, because my dream is still to wear the clothes I have from when I wore 38”, he explained.

Simone also responded to a rumor that her husband, Kaká Diniz, would be at odds with Simaria, which she immediately denied: “That’s a lie, they invented it, it’s not true. Thanks to my good God, everyone gets along really well. We respect Simaria’s space, she respects mine… We really understand each other”.

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