Simone shows her son with a 2,000 reais toy in her mansion

Singer Simone, from the duo with Simaria, surprised by showing her son a very luxurious toy

The singer Simone, from the duo with Simaria, impressed when he appeared with his eldest son, the boy Henry of seven, in a very luxurious moment. The partner’s husband, businessman Kaká Diniz, showed the boy having fun with a luxurious toy beside his mother in the family’s mansion in Alphaville.

The boy Henry appeared in the living room of the mansion playing beside his mother with an electric tricycle that costs about two thousand reais! After that, Kaka even showed his son in the mansion’s elevator with the toy. In addition to the tricycle, the boy was still wearing a Gucci t-shirt, children’s t-shirts from this brand don’t cost less than a thousand reais! What a luxury right?!

After showing this moment as a family, Simone and Kaka went through a scare with the boy Henry. This is because the businessman went riding a bicycle with his son. And the boy had difficulties going down a slope.

Kaká told how he managed to save his son and explained what happened: “I got home, the bike ride failed at the end, I was suffocated. We went down the slope, the slope was very steep, I went down in front, braked, stopped and looked back to see how Henry was coming but he pressed both brakes and it was wet from the rain and the bike didn’t stopped. And she was picking up a lot of speed on the way down, you have no idea. This slope leads to the curb and some trees and God forbid, there’s a car coming from one side and the other. It was God who made me look back at that time, I said: ‘son, press the brakes’. And he said: ‘Dad, it’s not stopping’. Man, I jumped off my bike walking, threw myself and when he passed me at high speed I just had time to grab him by the collar of his shirt and pull him. As I pulled, he fell on his side, the bike went down and thank God he only scraped his arm. The scare I went through, but it was God who gave this deliverance. We have children, the business changes a lot, we are more careful, more zealous, there was pure God, there is no explanation”.

Simone also recently talked about her body after the birth of her youngest daughter, little six-month-old Zaya. The singer explained that she discovered a problem in the postpartum and that she will talk better about it soon: “This is something I have been thinking about and have been thinking about since I was born. Today I’m more afraid of plastic surgery because of the children, but I’m one of those people who says: ‘you’re not happy, do you want to change? Change it!’. I gained a lot during Zaya’s pregnancy, a lot! 24 pounds! Now I’m in a bad diet, I took many tests to find out what my problem is, I found out and then my love I’m in the fight to lose the pounds I’ve gained. My dream is still to wear the clothes I got from when I wore 38”.

Simone's son with his luxurious toy

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