Simone talks about the end of the duo with Simaria

Singer Simone, duo and sister of Simaria, opened the game about a controversy surrounding the end of the duo. However, it was all rumors.

“Guys, the thing is: it was an advertising campaign for a brand and the idea of ​​this campaign is that the third colleague would exist because we were ambassadors. Then the third friend would be this beer”, she explained, denying it.


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She also denied any involvement of Juliette with the duo. “And a lot of people started commenting that it was Juliette. But now, at the time of this career, putting a third one doesn’t happen”, shot.

In addition, Simone has denied that she will release a solo gospel album. “I always had a desire in my heart to record. I recorded a praise, I received another invitation to record a praise. At the right time, not something right, do something back. I really want to be able to use this voice because it was God who gave me the voice”.

Simone and Simaria give sex advice on YouTube video

On their YouTube channel, Simone and Simaria showed up to respond to some messages sent by fans. Many of the comments involved criticism, so Simone called the list “questions from haters”. A loving advice was asked to the singers by an internet user, as Simaria’s sister recently commented that the frequency of sex with her husband is great.

(PHOTO: Playback/YouTube)

“This couple did more in a month than my husband did in five years”, comments the follower. “Off him?”, question. The message was sent because Kaká Diniz, the singer’s husband, always jokes that he and the singer have sex regularly. Simaria questions: “But how do these people know? They’re not here with you”. Simone laughs: “Kaka increases things”, she explains, talking about the content that her husband delivers on the internet. She then advises the Internet user: “If in five years there hasn’t even been a bimbada… Leave this man”.

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See the entire video:

Simone and Simaria are confirmed at Gusttavo Lima’s “Buteco em Alto Mar”

Gusttavo Lima is back on stage and with a lot of news! Have you ever heard that the sky is the limit? It may even be, but the singer shows that the sea is not. As seen, the dates for the “Buteco em Alto Mar” concerts have already been revealed and the concert will take place from April 7th to 11th, 2022. But, what about the attractions? This Monday we received confirmation from one of them, Gusttavo will have the presence of our colleagues Simone and Simaria!

“New in the Colleagues area! Between the 7th and 11th of April 2022, the most beloved colleagues in BRAZIL will be at sea, on the @buteco do @gusttavolima cruise, it will be a MUST-SEE!”, wrote the duo, in the caption, showing incredible enthusiasm.

See the sisters’ official Instagram post:

The sertanejas even provided the link for reservations to be made, access is given by clicking here.

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Buteco on the High Sea: Cruise from Gusttavo Lima costs between 4 and 12 thousand reais

The coming months will be busy for Gusttavo Lima fans! With everyone properly vaccinated (if everything works out, right?), the countryman promises many new things. One of them involves nothing less than a cruise on the high seas.

“O Embaixador em Alto Mar” will feature 4 festival nights on the biggest ship on the Brazilian coast, the Costa Smeralda. The event is scheduled for the 7th to 11th of April 2022. Well, we will now show you the prices for the first batch, which start at a range of R$4,000 and can go up to more than R$12,000. The rooms are also varied for different types of audience. Check out:

(PHOTO: Buteco Offshore Disclosure)

For more information about the purchase click here!

However, some Gusttavo Lima fans are not at all happy with the event. On the web, many demand reimbursement or some explanation about the “Buteco” show marathon, which was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“And the BUTECO that were postponed because of the Pandemic?”asked an internet user.

“Big hole! To this day, haven’t we received the value of the buteco that they didn’t do due to the pandemic, and now they’re launching a show again? It must be with our money”, complained another.

“What about the return of payment for Gusttavo Lima’s Buteco in São José do Rio Preto? I sent several emails and direct and didn’t even get a return. I just wanted a placement. I am aware that due to the pandemic there was no event, but I just want an answer without being able to return the value or not”, wrote one more.

(PHOTO: Reproduction/Instagram: @baladamusic)
(PHOTO: Reproduction/Instagram: @baladamusic)
(PHOTO: Reproduction/Instagram: @baladamusic)

Sought to comment on the matter, Gusttavo’s advisors have so far not spoken.

It is noteworthy that Gusttavo fans are not the only ones who have had trouble with the cancellation of shows in the pandemic. The admirers of American singer Taylor Swift revolted when they found out that they would receive the refund of the amount in credits on the T4F website. In addition, the credits did not include the amount spent in the convenience fee.

The Music Cruise is just one of the Ambassador’s many other projects for the coming months, which also include a US tour as well as a DVD recording abroad.

In addition to Gusttavo Lima, Wesley Safadão will also be on a musical cruise

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It is noteworthy that Wesley Safadão also has its own musical cruise scheduled for 2022. The maritime project WS ON BOARD in Safadão will take place between 20 and 23/11/2021 on the ship MSC PREZIOSA and will leave the port of Santos – SP. New information about the offshore event involving Gusttavo Lima should be released soon. We’re already curious, ambassador!

After defending chloroquine, Gusttavo Lima does not rule out taking a vaccine in the US

Gusttavo Lima is, without a doubt, one of the most popular singers in Brazil. But now, the ‘Ambassador’ is ready to take his hits to the United States. Recently the countryman made a publication on his official Instagram, where he announced the dates of his tour in the USA, which will take place later this year. With that, the journalist Mari Monts, from Splash (UOL), spoke with the singer to find out all the details.

“I confess that I am counting the days. I believe the expectation could not be greater. God only knows how much I miss going back to the stage and feeling the joy and energy of the audience.”, he revealed. Regarding the vaccine, it is noteworthy that the singer has already defended the use of chloroquine, however, he did not rule out getting vaccinated in the US: “We don’t know how things will be from here until the month of August, but if there is the opportunity to take the vaccine, we will definitely analyze it.”