SP: Report says that student who killed gamers has no mental illness

The report of the mental insanity exam done by the student Guilherme Alves Costa, 18, points out that the young man had no illness or mental disorder when he used a knife and a sword to kill 19-year-old gamer Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva, in February this year.

According to the G1, the examination was carried out in April at the request of the defendant’s defense. For Guilherme’s lawyers, the defendant killed the victim during a “psychotic break.” Therefore, he would need to be taken to a psychiatric hospital instead of being held in prison.

As the result of the test considered him “imputable” (that is, that he can be criminally liable for what he did), the accused may be taken to a jury.

In February, the Public Ministry of São Paulo denounced Guilherme for the death of Ingrid Bueno. According to the complaint, the young man had used a knife and a sword to murder the victim.

Also according to the prosecutor Fernando César Bolque, there are indications that the accused has tried to behead the victim. Defendant of murder, the young man is in pre-trial detention.

remember the case

19-year-old eSports player Ingrid Bueno, known as Sol, was stabbed to death on February 22, in the Pirituba neighborhood, in the northern part of São Paulo. In the complaint, the MP narrates that “for unknown reasons, but supposedly at the request of the accused”, the victim went to Guilherme’s house. According to the accused, he had met the victim on the internet just over a month ago.

According to the police, the suspect was arrested in the act and confessed to the crime. According to the police report of the case, Ingrid was found unconscious by Guliherme’s brother, who didn’t know her. Then, military police went to the suspect’s house and found that the young woman was dead. According to the record, she had several stab wounds throughout her body.

After the crime, Guilherme recorded a video to show that he had killed Ingrid. In one of the recordings, the accused admits that he committed the crime and speaks from a book. “Well, are you guys thinking it’s paint, montage, something like that? No, it’s not. i really killed her [sic]. And, well, I have a book too, I asked some people to be promoting my book. And that’s it. I hope you read it. It has some truths about humanity.”

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