Steam: You can now move or delete multiple games at once

If you have a lot of games on your Steam account, you’ll like the update that the platform is getting today: it brings some simple but very effective new features on the downloads page, as well as a new Storage Manager. In practice, this will make it much easier to find out about your downloads and how much disk space they take up.

As analyzed by the gringo portal The Verge, most of the changes are focused on the download page, which is much cleaner and has new functions. Now, you can watch the installation progress and organize priorities in a queue if you’re downloading multiple games: just hold and drag (as we see in so many other apps). In game updates, there is a “Patch Notes” button, so you know what has changed.

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A new Storage Manager

In addition to the 2.0 downloads page, this Steam version has a brand new Storage Manager. The idea is that you can see how much space games take up on the disk and organize this space in a simpler way: you can delete several games that you don’t like a click, for example.

Also, the system shows you exactly which disc each game is on (if you have more than one) and allows you to move files from one location to another. With this, you can leave your favorite games on the SSD so they load faster and so on. To access the new Steam Storage Manager, just go to the downloads page and click on “Library Folders”.

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Print from the new Store Manager or Storage Manager (Image: The Verge/Playback)Print from the new Store Manager or Storage Manager (Image: The Verge/Playback)Source: The Verge/Reproduction

The new functions from Steam had already been used for months in beta version, but they became available to everyone this Friday, September 10th. If you haven’t received the update automatically, you can also do the update manually:

  • Click on the “Steam” button in the upper left corner of the screen;
  • Access the “Check Steam Client Updates” function in this menu;

The update also brought other minor changes, such as bug fixes and issues specific to the Mac and Linux versions (which I still haven’t noticed, I confess). To read all update topics, you can go to the Steam website. Have you already used the new version? Let us know what you think of her in the comments below!

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