Subaru WRX 2022 debuts new look and 275 hp 2.4 boxer engine

After much anticipation, the new generation Subaru WRX 2022 was unveiled. The sedan was scheduled to be unveiled at this year’s New York Motor Show, but the event was eventually canceled due to the pandemic. Now, the sports sedan famous for its history in rallies has a design a little more daring than the old model, as well as a new bigger and more powerful engine.

Subaru reveals only the WRX, with its even more powerful STI version due to be presented in a second moment. Returning to the standard WRX, its sales only start in 2022 in the United States and, whoever looks at the sedan at first glance, will think that it is a heavier re-styling due to some similarities with the previous generation. However, it is totally new.

The headlights are still tapered, but they are smaller and have gained a cut thanks to a crease that molds the front grille, which has become larger and has a hexagonal shape. The bumpers also sport a new design and now the underside is painted black, while the hood continues to feature the famous scoop-shaped opening to help cool the engine.

But it’s when the Subaru WRX is seen in profile that the similarities to the previous generation become clearer, especially for the front fenders and side windows. The biggest difference is for the more pronounced creases, which give the visual effect of the sedan to be wider. A curious detail are the black plastic frames on the wheel boxes, which end up giving a more adventurous than sporty look – although being adventurous is part of the sedan’s DNA due to its history in rallying.

Subaru WRX (2022)

When we look at the rear, here are the biggest news. The headlamps now have a design inspired by the brand’s sports coupe, the BRZ, which continues the design of the rear fenders, which are much more bodied. A black ruler crosses the rear and joins the lights, while above it there is a discreet spoiler over the trunk lid. The bumper, on the other hand, was much more aggressive with the rear diffuser that adds the four exhaust outlets. Wheels can be 17 or 18 inches.

Subaru WRX (2022)

The interior maintains the sobriety known to the Subaru, but brings a more creative design than the previous model with a panel with horizontal lines and narrow air vents, red stitching and a suede finish on the dashboard and seats. But there’s no doubt that the highlight is the new multimedia center with a 11.6-inch vertical screen that until recently we only saw in Tesla cars. Through it you can control the climate system or car resources, coming with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Finally, the classic Recaro seats and even carbon fiber details on the steering wheel are available for the top-of-the-line GT version.

Aside from this visual makeover, the new 2022 WRX received a new 2.4 turbo boxer engine, which delivers 275 hp at 5,600 rpm and 35.67 kgfm of torque – now available in a wider range of 2,000 to 5,200 rpm, according to Subaru. This engine replaced the old 2.0 turbo boxer, which had 270 hp and the same torque as the new 2.4 boxer. The famous all-wheel drive with torque vectoring continues, while the 6-speed manual gearbox has had its ratios optimized.

An 8-speed automatic transmission is also available, which was 30% faster in upshifting from 2nd to 3rd and 50% faster during downshifts from 3rd to 2nd gear. The automatic transmission also features adaptive shift control, which responds quickly to make downshifts corresponding to the RPM while braking, maintains the ideal range of turns when cornering and to respond faster when exiting corners.

The 5th generation of the Subaru WRX also adopts the so-called Subaru Global Platform, which has a 28% more rigid chassis and a reduced center of gravity, which left the sedan more “seated” on the ground. It also has a stabilizer bar now mounted directly on the body, which reduces the roll of the body in corners, while the suspension has a longer travel to improve stability.

The dampers are electronically controlled and can be adjusted by the driving mode selector in three levels: Comfort, Normal and Sport. Finally, Subaru says the steering has been recalibrated to be more direct and faster.

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