Surpass: Mercado Pago launches adhesive for automatic toll payment in Brazil

The service works similarly to other automatic toll payments, just paste the sticker provided by Mercado Pago, activate it using the app on your cell phone and that’s it, just go through the gate without stopping the vehicle and the charge will be made to your account. Market Paid automatically.

“We integrated Ultrapasse into a robust loyalty program, Mercado Points, with acceptance throughout the ConectCar network and, all of this, from a complete and free account”, says Tulio Oliveira, vice-president of Mercado Pago.

In addition, Ultrapasse comes with some more advantages such as 3 months of free use for all users, after this period of tests the value is R$ 12.90 per month.

Another benefit is the integration with Mercado Points, which gives discounts on the monthly fee according to the level and can even reset this value if you have level 6. Speaking of values, Mercado Pago informs you that the amount paid for the sticker and shipping is received in the form of cashback when making the first use of Ultrapasse.

Finally, the Ultrapasse can be ordered through the Mercado Pago application in the Pay section. Ultrapasse starts operating in Brazil on September 13th.

Activation is done by the same application through the QR code and it can be used within 6 hours after confirming all data and enabling them in the state and federal toll systems.