Thiago Gagliasso surprises with a shocking revelation about his relationship with Giovanna Ewbank: “She always was”

Giovanna Ewbank
Thiago Gagliasso surprises with a revelation about his relationship with Giovanna Ewbank (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

Thiago Gagliasso opened the game in an interview with podcast 4 Talk Cast and spoke for the first time about his relationship with his sister-in-law, Giovanna Ewbank.

The actor, who does not hide from anyone his fight with his brother, Bruno Gagliasso, because of political ideologies, stated that he was never friends with the blonde.

“I don’t miss it, we were never friends. She was always closed, a little more difficult person”, he fired, without any shame. And continued:

“She is my brother’s wife, tomorrow she may not be his wife anymore, she may just be the mother of his child and I respect her, but I will always be a blood brother”.

The famous also reflected during the chat about the fact that he had lost contact with Bruno: “He must be disappointed in me. You must think I’m a disgusting person.”

“He doesn’t respect my opinion, we never fought. I never forbade my son to have contact with Bruno. But I don’t believe otherwise he would”, completed.

Thiago recently said that President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) tried to call his brother, revealing what their message exchange would be.

The attempted connection took place during a time when Thiago was visiting the president in Brasília. That’s when the politician took the cell phone from his hands, saying he would call the actor from Netflix.

“He took my phone and said, ‘Call your brother, then I’ll talk to him’” soared during the 4talkcast podcast. He would even let it, however, revealed that he does not have his own brother’s number.

That’s where Bolsonaro would have given the following advice: “This is bullshit, it’s family, you don’t have to fight over politics.” The two brothers, it is worth remembering, have not spoken since 2018, at the time of the elections.

Apparently, Bolsonaro wanted to use the exchange of messages to encourage closer ties between the two. In a recent interview to Panico, on the Jovem Pan radio station, the former Farmer lamented the departure:

When you fight with someone you love, the pain is greater. Certainly his disappointment with me was huge and mine with him too. But I have a lot of leftist friends”.

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