Tiago Nunes says Ceará won’t play like Fortaleza de Vojvoda: “It won’t happen” | supper

This Friday (10), the new coach of Ceará, Tiago Nunes, participated in the SportTV Selection and was asked.

James, I don’t know if you agree with my assessment, but I think who fired Guto Ferreira was Fortaleza. Because, for the first time, Alvinegro competed for Libertadores classification. Ceará was in eighth, now is in tenth because it didn’t play. But Fortaleza has a more spectacular, prettier style. Your arrival, in my head, confirms that theory. The pressure from the fans is for Ceará to play more like their rival. It is possible to make this transformation in a championship round.? – he asked PVC.

It won’t happen, PVC. I was very clear here upon my arrival. Ceará has a very striking feature of the game. Transitional, strong brand, which comes out on counterattacks. I agree when you say you have the weight of the fans, a pressure from the rival’s good campaign. We live the scales in football. Fortaleza had low expectations here, it was a surprise. It ends up drawing a lot of attention from all over Brazil, for the beautiful work it has been doing. And we must now have the ability to know what our goals are. I came here with clear expectations of trying to put Ceará in a Sudamericana, to make the club evolve. Guto’s legacy remains beautiful, and we’ll try to finish this season by improving what he already had – he replied Tiago.

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Vojvoda, Tiago Nunes — Photo: Arte ge