Uber and 99 announce readjusts because of the price of fuel

The two major passenger transport applications in the country, Uber and 99, announced on Friday night (10) readjustments due to the increase in fuel prices.

The increase impacted transport services per application, as the number of drivers who cancel trips whose displacement does not pay, or even give up work is increasing.

At 99, the increase ranges from 10% to 25%. According to the company, the measure aims to “balance the platform, offering more gains for partners and maintaining the accessibility of the service for passengers”. The readjustment is valid for more than 20 metropolitan regions, including São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasília and Salvador.

In the case of Uber, the company claims that there will be no change in the rate for the user, only in the transfer to the driver. In this case, the increase in the transfer will be up to 35% for UberX travel, the most popular category of the application, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. According to the company, earnings depend on the time and place where the driver works.

Uber and 99 state that the high demand for travel has been increasing in recent weeks, as vaccination advances and the reopening of trade across the country.

“The constant adjustments in fuels had a very negative impact on transport services per application,” stated the 99. “The increase reviews the earnings of partner drivers and was defined taking into account the maintenance of the balance of the platform”.

The companies also say that drivers are empowered to choose which races they want to take and, like passengers, are free to cancel trips – the companies, however, have a limit on races that can be canceled without charge to both passengers and for drivers.

Through its press office, Uber stated that it “understands the dissatisfaction caused by the impacts [do aumento do preço dos combustíveis] throughout the productive sector and, therefore, it has intensified efforts to help partner drivers reduce their expenses”.

For drivers, the company also launched discount programs for fueling the car and additional earnings for short trips.