Valentina Francavilla is announced as a participant

Valentina Francavilla was announced as one of the participants in “A Fazenda 2021”. Record TV started releasing yesterday the list of pedestrians for the 13th edition of the reality show. Italian, she has been the stage assistant of the presenter Ratinho since 2009.

Presented by Adriane Galisteu, “A Fazenda 2021”, 13th edition of the reality show, starts on September 14th. Besides Valentina, reality show has already confirmed Tati Quebra Barraco, Nego do Borel, Dayane Mello, Mussunzinho and other famous names.

Assistant considers Mouse a ‘daddy’

In 2017, Valentina Francavilla, stage assistant to presenter Carlos Massa, o Ratinho, suffered an abortion and was surprised by the wave of solidarity she received from the communicator and the program’s staff.

To UOL, at the time, she said that Mouse was very supportive. “He texted me every day, ‘are you okay? He and my director, Walter Scaramujo. I was very surprised. Mouse was a great daddy”, guaranteed Valentina.

Radical change

Months after suffering the abortion, Valentina Francavilla announced a new pregnancy. During Giuseppe’s pregnancy, the Italian-Brazilian actress gained 40 kilos, but managed to eliminate 23, with the help of appetite suppressants and cream to prevent wrinkles and stretch marks in the belly region.

She recently showed a “before and after responsa”. “Only those who follow me really know about my fight! Here’s the result minus 23 kg”, wrote Valentina in an Instagram post, receiving praise from her followers.

Valentina criticized Preta Gil’s body

In 2019, Valentina Francville caused controversy by criticizing the body of Preta Gil. She commented in a post on a gossip page, saying the singer doesn’t accept herself as she is. “Do you know what’s real? She doesn’t love herself as she is. So much so that she’s had countless plastic surgery, liposuction, diets.”

The comment ended up making some of her followers angry and Valentina recorded some videos justifying herself, but repeating that she doesn’t think Preta’s body is beautiful. “I expose my opinion to whoever it hurts,” he declared at the time.

Marília Mendonça mocked SBT assistant

Marília Mendonça joined the fight to defend Preta Gil after a comment made by Valentina Francavilla. “A beautiful and natural woman like that has every right to judge others *contains irony*”, said the singer at the time.

Then Valentina countered the sertaneja, visibly nervous. “Marília Mendonça made me mad, no one called you in the conversation, girl. What moral do you have to say that I’m not natural? What moral do you have, huh, pretty?!

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