Vasco fans invade the presidential room in protest: ‘Our house’

Members of Vasco’s organized fans went to So Janurio this Friday and invaded President Jorge Salgado’s room, who was not there. The cross-maltinos protested against the bad moment of the team, placed ninth in the Serie B of the Brazilian Nationals.

On Wednesday, coach Lisca resigned for failing to achieve good results with the club in the competition. The management acted quickly and announced Fernando Diniz, recently fired by Santos.

Vasco spoke in a statement and said that fans were able to access the president’s room through the restaurant.

Vasco’s official note

“Vasco confirms that the images that are circulating on the internet, of members of fans organized in So Janurio, are from this Friday (10/09).

There was an attempt to invade the Club’s headquarters through gates 9, 17 and social entrance.

Security managed to intervene at several points, however, fans ended up being able to access the internal facilities through the restaurant. The circumstances of how this irregular access took place are being investigated by the Club.

The fans have already been removed from the Club’s facilities by security intervention, with the support of the Military Police. No acts of violence or damage to the assets of So Janurio were recorded.

Vasco regrets the incident. The administration has always been open to dialogue with all audiences related to the Club, including the organized fans, which were received several times for meetings, both in So Janurio and in CT Moacyr Barbosa.

Vasco da Gama will take the necessary steps so that sad scenes like these don’t happen again.”