Vasco! Whindersson Nunes and Felipe Neto star in new shack on the web | celebrities

Whindersson and Felipe discussed on Twitter

Whindersson and Felipe discussed on Twitter

The comedian Whindersson Nunes and YouTuber Felipe Neto were back in bullshit via Twitter this Friday (10). Yes, the “famous sextou” is making the rounds on the web. Luísa Sonza’s ex did not like to know that Felipe Neto was enjoying posts that criticized him and called the YouTuber for a discussion in person.

“I’m here in Rio @felipeneto, do you want to open the doors of your house for me? Can we discuss how to help the country or do you want to fart inside like every other time I tried to talk to you? Real life, my safety is It’s really yours, are you sure, how’s that??” asked Whindersson.

Thoughtful, Felipe Neto wished that the comedian would find the path to peace. “Brother, find peace… From the bottom of your heart, find peace in your heart. I really want you to get over it and one day we can talk properly, without you being like this. Until then, I wish you better. Abs”, answered.

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Vasco! The meme of the Vasco fans is part of the fight with Felipe Neto from Botafogo. This Friday (10), Whindersson Nunes did not like an internet user asking for help for the Giant of the Hill to hire a player. The profile gave the example of Felipe Neto and Marcelo Adnet, who invested in Botafogo, and took an “inverted” from the comedian.

“I’m financing a research for an engine adapted to power any type of wheelchair and a device that leaves a fluorescent stain in the potholes of the roads so that nobody gets in an accident at night, since they don’t cover the potholes. I won’t spend anything on the team, just twist,” said Whindersson Nunes.

After the established controversy, Felipe Neto gave a hint to Whindersson. “I make donations to all kinds of institutes, NGOs and movements. I invested almost R$ 1 million in the creation of the Vero Institute for digital education. I created the Cala Boca Já Died movement, in support of people persecuted for opinion”, countered Felipe Neto, who received an answer from Whindersson. “Congratulations, it’s Jesus himself,” he joked.