Vitão reveals if he stalks his ex-girlfriends on social networks: “It hurts my heart too much”; watch

Who never stalked the ex? Apparently, Vitão! This Thursday (9), the singer participated in OtaLab, Otaviano Costa’s show, at UOL, and opened the game by talking about relationships. Asked if he usually snoops around on the social networks of ex-girlfriends after the breakup, the boy replied that he prefers to leave it behind.

“I hate to do this because it hurts my heart so much. I do not like. When we break up, I don’t like to keep it in my head. It makes me sick to dig up”, revealed the artist. The São Paulo native also commented on the end of his relationship with Luísa Sonza, confirmed exclusively to and highlighted the pressure of having to talk about these issues to the public.

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“That’s an advantage of people who don’t have a public life, because it’s awesome. These are things that concern us a lot. Having to open these things up to the whole world is very complicated”, added Vitão. Check out the excerpt from the interview:

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Vitão talks about ending

After the announcement of the breakup with the singer at the end of August, Vitão gave an interview to the Extra newspaper on the 29th, telling how their relationship was. “Luísa and I will be a family forever. I love her with all my strength. We’ll be together for everything, and that’s it”, explained the artist.

The musician was also asked if the confirmation of the break with Sonza hindered the promotion of his new hit, “Takafaya”. He, however, estimated that the breakup did not cause great proportions as he imagined. “It was quiet. I confess that I thought it would be worse. At least from my house, I see my cell phone, what took over my networks and about me was my music. And that’s what I wanted. I really feel like things are now going on a different axis, with people paying attention to what I do.”, he pointed out.

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The composer also added that everything happened at the right time: “We had been deciding for a while, there was no timetable. It also makes no sense to use the end of a relationship to talk about a song that addresses very different subjects. I don’t want to give any more details either”.

“I think Luísa and I have much bigger things to talk about. We’re both having great moments in our careers, doing amazing things, making our contribution to Brazilian music. This is what needs to be ruled out. Of course I evolved a lot with this relationship and learned about life. Now, the focus and the conversation I want to have with people is with and about my art”, warned Vitão.

Once again, the musician spoke about all the hatred that he and Luísa have suffered on social media since their old relationship came to light, in September 2020. The artist even received death threats. Nonsense! “When they started releasing some shows, with reduced capacity, one of the first ones was in Rio de Janeiro. It was at its peak on the social networks of death threats. I got scared. I was riding in an armored car, with reinforced security… It’s very bad to live like this. And I just wanted to sing, spread love, do something beautiful. Other than that, I only listened in the street, little jokes, it was just something so serious, although it always hurt me”, he finally vented.