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Brazil's federal revenue

To participate, interested parties must access the eCAC website
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  • Federal Revenue will auction, next Tuesday, 318 lots of seized merchandise

  • Bids can be made until 9 pm on Monday for iPhones, clothing, video games, among others

  • Minimum values ​​range from R$45.00 to R$1 million, depending on the lot.

The Federal Revenue will auction 318 lots of goods seized in Paraná. Among the items are iPhones, computers, video games, toys, cars, rugs, clothes, electronic components, among others.

As the auction takes place next Tuesday, the 14th, at 9:00 am, anyone interested in participating must bid until 9:00 pm on Monday, 13. The minimum values ​​range from R$ 45.00 – for lots with various items – up to more than R$ 1 million – for batches with welding equipment. Lot 1, for example, has only IT equipment and asks for at least R$ 25,000.

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By clicking on the lots of interest it is possible to check the list of products, number of units and some photos. All information is on this link.

The goods were seized and are stored in cities in Paraná, such as Curitiba, Londrina, Maringá, Foz do Iguaçu, Itajaí, Joinville, São Francisco do Sul, Ponta Grossa and Cascavel.

How to participate

Interested parties must access the eCAC website with the Digital Certificate access code. For this, it is necessary to have completed the income tax return for the last two years using the CPF used.