Whindersson and Felipe Neto discuss on Twitter again

Whindersson Nunes and Felipe Neto do not speak the same language. This Friday night (10/9), the two heavyweights from the Brazilian internet returned to the virtual ring. Annoyed with some likes of Neto in posts that criticized him, Whindersson challenged the influencer:

“I’m here in Rio, @felipeneto, do you want to open the doors of your house for me? We can discuss how to help the country. Or do you want to fart in like all the other times I tried to talk to you? Real life, my security is the same as yours, okay, how about that?”, he asked.


Two minutes later, Felipe Neto replied: “Brother, find peace… From the bottom of your heart, find peace in your heart. I really want you to get over it all and one day we can talk properly, without you being like this. Until then, I wish you well. Abs,” he wrote.

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As the column Leo Dias published earlier, Whindersson Nunes took a step closer to a netizen who suggested to the comedian to finance the team Vasco da Gama to carry out the hiring of player Philippe Coutinho. In the tweet, the profile @bacalhaudazoeir also compared the attitude of Felipe Neto and Marcelo Adnet, who did it for Botafogo, a team of their hearts. “It’s time for Whindersson Nunes to spend his millions with Vasco, join with another famous Vasco and bring Coutinho back,” said the profile.

Whindersson didn’t like it and countered: “I’m financing a research for an engine adapted to power any type of wheelchair and a device that leaves a fluorescent stain in the potholes of the roads so that nobody gets in an accident at night, since they don’t cover the potholes. I won’t spend anything on the team, just root for it”.

But it did not stop there. It was the turn of journalist José Passini to create chaos on the web by saying that Whindersson would have been betrayed by Luísa Sonza because of his refusal to help Vasco. “That’s why you’re cuckold,” says the tweet, which was then deleted. Next, Passini tweeted in celebration of having destabilized YouTuber. “I had to delete the tweet, but the record remains of the day we entered the mind of the man who refused to help Vasco da Gama!”. Whindersson’s followers showed him the deleted tweet, which he left under notice: “I have a show and data too, it’s very easy to find a journalist, everyone knows each other”.

And you are probably wondering: where does Felipe Neto fit into this story? It turns out that youtuber is known for taking a stand on any topic on the internet and, in this case, it was no different. Felipe was willing to cover the journalist’s costs with lawyers. “Anyone who wants to harm @ZePassini will have to take me down first.” And he added: “Brother, you will have more lawyers than Eike Batista”.

This morning, 9/10, Whindersson has already started the day with a sequence of tweets on the subject and showed not being intimidated by the support of Felipe Neto: “You can put Lula’s lawyer, go clean the bathroom”, he provoked .

Felipe also took the opportunity to clarify that like the comedian, he also makes donations and supports positive causes for society. “I donate to all kinds of institutes, NGOs and movements. I invested almost 1 million reais in the creation of the VERO Institute for digital education. I created the Cala Boca Já Died movement to support people who are persecuted for their opinion and I will spend it on a team”, he listed.

And, of course, Whindersson didn’t miss the opportunity to snipe: “Congratulations, it’s Jesus himself.” In sequence, he questioned Felipe Neto’s reason for getting involved in everything and a follower replied: “Darling, what are you explaining? The money is yours, you can invest in whatever you want. Even if I want to invest in my debts…”.