Whindersson injures biceps and scapula and is expected to operate soon – Entertainment

Whindersson Nunes revealed, at dawn this Friday (10), that he has an injury in the right biceps and another in the left scapula. According to the comedian, he will have to undergo surgery to try to reverse the situation right after the fight with four-time world boxing champion Acelino Freitas, better known as Popó.

“Today I did an exam that found a lesion on my right biceps, and on the left scapula, I’m going to do a physio, and after the fight with the poppo, I’ll probably have surgery on my arm, to pull the muscle back, I’m too angry, someone will have like paying for a diaper or cleaning the bathroom,” he told fans.

In July, the comedian also underwent another procedure: an intimate surgery in the anus region. “Remember the surgery on the ‘t***’ I had once? Because I had to do it again! This time I had it taken off the b**** and put on my foot, if anything happens I’ll say I stepped on the m* Dog ***,” he explained.