Whindersson Nunes goes after Felipe Neto, but YouTuber backs down

The mood turned sour for good between Whindersson Nunes and Felipe Neto. After a virtual fight, the comedian went after the youtuber to get satisfaction on Friday night (10). Without being silent, the businessman replied Maria Lina’s ex, but for the web, the carioca “gave back” in the discussion.

I’m here in Rio @felipeneto do you want to open the doors of your house for me? Can we discuss how to help the country or do you want to fart inside like every other time I tried to talk to you? Real life really, my security is the same as yours, okay, how about??”, provoked Whindersson, on Twitter.

However, Felipe Neto ran to not prolong the discussion with the comedian. Brother, find peace… From the bottom of your heart, find peace in your heart. I really want you to get over it all and one day we can talk right, without you being like this. Until then, I wish you well. Abs”, limited himself to writing.

The discussion that had the internet as a stage, started yesterday, when an internet user asked Whindersson Nunes to help Vasco’s team. According to this Twitter user, Felipe Neto and Marcelo Adnet contributed to teams in this sports segment. However, the comedian rejected the idea, and claimed that he helped socially in other ways, in other projects that he thinks are important.

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“I’m financing a research for an engine adapted to power any type of wheelchair, and a device that leaves a fluorescent stain in the potholes of the roads so that nobody gets in an accident at night, since they don’t cover the potholes. I won’t spend anything on the team, I’ll just cheer”, explained Nunes.

Even without citing Felipe, the youtuber decided to talk about Whinderson’s publication.I donate to all kinds of institutes, NGOs and movements. I invested almost 1 million reais in the creation of the VERO Institute for digital education (@VeroInstituto). I created the movement “Cala Boca Já Died” to support people persecuted for opinion. And I will spend it on a team, yes”, shot the influencer.

The two began to send hints, and Whindersson didn’t let it go and sneered: “Jesus himself.” Then, a fan argued that Nunes should spend his money wherever he wants. “Exactly, does my way of spending my money have to do with his? Porr’s trip*”, he fired. Muleque cursed me for free, out of nowhere, and without context, now there will be EIke Batista’s lawyers for Felipe grandson [risos] 8 in the morning”, completed the famous.

The provocations continued throughout the day and the two did not make peace. Controversial, Felipe Neto has already been involved in discussions with other famous people and influencers, especially at the beginning of the channel, in which the entrepreneur adopted a more critical stance. He got to fight with Felipe Castanhari, however, the two became friends again recently.

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