Widow of Paulinho, from Roupa Nova, clarifies that she is not pregnant

posted on 09/11/2021 07:09 AM

  (credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

(credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

After there was news about a pregnancy of the musician Paulinho, from Roupa Nova (who died after complications caused by Covid-19), Elaine Soares clarified that motherhood is not true. The woman granted an interview to the Magazine Who.

“I never said I was pregnant. I went to see a doctor where the sperms are frozen and he told me I could start the exams anytime I wanted. But I’m not in the emotional state to start the exam. This is one dream I had, to give continuity to his life, the life of the only man I’ve ever loved”, he pointed out.

The confusion occurred because Elaine posted a photo of a pregnant woman, with the phrase “this is the greatest birthday present for both of us”. Paulinho’s birthday would be this September 6th.

Elaine, however, did not rule out a process to start the pregnancy, as she has genetic material from Paulinho: “I have his sperm frozen because in 2009 we thought about having a child. They are stored and frozen and I’m the only one allowed to use them whenever I want, but as I’m suffering a lot of grief and September 6th was his birthday, I posted a belly, which wasn’t mine, and I said that my dream was to continue because I was going to have a little piece of him in me. The feeling I had is that a piece of me had been ripped off. I’m in constant grief and I’m still treating myself because of this grief.”