Widow of Paulinho, from Roupa Nova, is not pregnant: ‘It’s a dream to continue his life’

Elaine Soares, widow of Paulinho, from Filme Nova, told Quem who is not pregnant with her late husband. The musician died in December 2020 from Covid-19 complications, but left the gametes frozen in 2009 so that his wife could fertilize if she wanted to.

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“At no time did I say that I’m pregnant. I went to see a doctor where the sperm are frozen and he told me I could start the tests anytime I wanted. But I’m not in the emotional state to start taking it. This is a dream I had, to continue his life, the life of the only man I’ve ever loved,” said Elaine.

The widow posted a photo of a pregnant woman with the caption “this is the greatest birthday present for both of us”, implying that she was pregnant, which was not true. According to Elaine, the publication was just a tribute to Paulinho, who would turn 69 last Monday (6th).

“I didn’t start any treatment. I have his sperm frozen because in 2009 we thought about having a baby. They are stored and frozen and I’m the only one allowed to use them whenever I want, but as I’m grieving a lot and September 6th was his birthday, I posted a belly, which wasn’t mine, and I said that my dream was to give continuity because I was going to have a little piece of him in me. The feeling I had is that a piece of me had been ripped off. I’m in constant grief and I’m still treating myself because of this grief”, she added.

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