Widow of Paulinho, from Roupa Nova, is pregnant with the singer who died in 2020

Psychologist and lawyer Elaine Soares Bastos, 52, widow of Paulinho, vocalist of Clothes Nova, surprised everyone by announcing that she is pregnant with the singer, last Monday (6), the day the musician would turn 69 years old. The musician died as a result of Covid, in December 2020.

Elaine said that she used Paulinho’s frozen gametes, who would have done the procedure after discovering cancer. The couple had started a fertilization process in 2009. Record’s Balanço Geral program showed the publication made by Elaine on her Instagram profile, which is closed. To announce the news, she used a photo of a pregnant woman.

“This is the biggest birthday present for both of us. Remember the gametes we froze and that I’m the only one allowed to use? So it is. Soon our baby will be here. My best gift. Thank you, Daddy,” wrote the widow.

The psychologist wages a fight in court against Twigg de Souza Santos and Pedro Paulo Castor dos Santos, sons of the musician, to request recognition of a stable union with Paulinho and, consequently, become part of the inheritance. She claims not to have been included in the inventory.

Paulinho’s son, Pedro Paulo, filed a lawsuit at the 7th Court of Successions and Orphans of the TJRJ, on December 16, 2020, to enter the inventory of the artist’s assets. In the process he also enabled his sister, Twigg Souza Santos.

On January 11, 2021, Elaine filed a petition, in the same process, requesting her qualification in the inventory. Sought, the psychologist did not respond to requests or answer phone calls. However, to the magazine Quem, she said that her children want her to become a “beggar”.

“Paulinho called me ‘girlfriend’. I have been dependent on him at the IRPF since 2006 and I have already joined the INSS to be entitled to a pension. What I’m doing is a stable union regulation, but his children are making it difficult because they want me to go out on the street, become a beggar,” she said.


Through their lawyers, the sons of Paulinho, Twigg and Pedro Paulo, claim that Elaine was never excluded from the probate because, even if it were the case, the appropriate procedural moment does not present a hypothesis that the exclusion is appropriate.

“I reiterate that there is no possibility or adequate procedural moment for one of the heirs to be excluded, as the probate process was opened, but not even the first statements were presented. This means that neither the assets left by the deceased were presented nor even if he has a will and/or other heirs”, says the note.

The lawyers claim that Pedro Paulo and Twigg established contact with Elaine in order to meet and deal with the formalities and bureaucracies resulting from Paulinho’s death, but that Elaine would have refused the meeting and alleged that she was not right at the time to deal with this matter.

“Paulinho’s children acted with extreme caution when distributing the inventory within the proper period and never excluded Elaine from absolutely any possibility. There is no confusion in the inventory, given that the assets were not yet related”, the note concludes.