Widow of the vocalist of Roupa Nova, who died in December, reveals that she is pregnant with the singer – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Playback/TV Record
Playback/TV Record

The psychologist and lawyer used the genetic material from her late husband to carry out the artificial insemination.

Elaine Soares Bastos, 54, widow of singer Paulinho, announced on social networks that she is pregnant with her first child. The musician, who was a percussionist and vocalist for Roupa Nova, died in December 2020 due to complications from covid-19.

The psychologist and lawyer used her late husband’s genetic material to perform artificial insemination. The couple had started a fertilization process in 2009 and, upon discovering he had cancer, Paulinho froze the gametes that were used by the woman after the singer’s death.

The program Balanço Geral, on RecordTV, showed Eliane’s Instagram post (the profile is closed). “This is the biggest birthday present for both of us. Remember the gametes we froze and that I’m the only one allowed to use? Yeah. Soon our baby will be here. My best gift. Thanks daddy,” wrote the lawyer.

The widow has a legal dispute with Twigg de Souza Santos and Pedro Paulo Castor dos Santos, the singer’s sons, to be included in the inventory of the property division. She claims to have lived with the artist for 16 years and says the couple’s photos prove it.

“Paulinho called me ‘girlfriend’. I’m dependent on him on the IRPF [Imposto de Renda] since 2006 and I have already joined the INSS to be entitled to a pension. What I’m doing is a stable union regulation, but his children are making it difficult because they want me to go out on the street, become a beggar,” Elaine told the magazine Who, in January 2021.

At the time, the lawyer for Paulinho’s children stated that the widow was never excluded from the probate and that she was sought to “take care of all the formalities and bureaucracies resulting from the death”, including the issue of inheritance.

“I reiterate that there is no possibility or adequate procedural moment for one of the heirs to be excluded, as the probate process was opened, but not even the first statements were presented. This means that neither the assets left by the deceased were presented, not even if has a will and/or other heirs,” the lawyers’ note stated.

Singer Paulo César Santos died on December 15, 2020, aged 68. He was admitted to a hospital in the south of Rio de Janeiro and had multiple organ failure after a cardiopulmonary arrest. The hospitalization was made public on November 4, when he tested positive for covid-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus. At the time, he had already been recovering from a bone marrow transplant for about two months at the Complexo Hospitalar de Niterói (CHN).

“The stage lights went out. Unfortunately our dear Paulinho didn’t resist”, wrote the band on its official page on social networks.