With high fuel, Uber and 99 readjust race gain for drivers | Economy

The Uber and 99 transport apps have increased the value of the races that are passed on to drivers. The readjustment takes place against a backdrop of rising fuel prices across the country and amid a series of complaints from workers in the sector.

Uber informed that there will be no increase for the passenger. At 99, rates will be readjusted between 10% and 25%.

In the metropolitan region of São Paulo, Uber said that the gain in travel for drivers with the UberX modality – the most popular – was readjusted by up to 35% this week.

(CORRECTION: THE G1 was wrong to inform, in an article published this Friday (10), that Uber would make a readjustment of up to 35% in the value of its runs for the consumer. The correct information is that this increase will not be passed on to the passenger, what increases is the transfer of earnings to the drivers of the application. The article was corrected at 11:40 pm)

According to Uber, the high price of fuel has caused the company to carry out a review and readjustment of “the earnings of partner drivers in several cities, in all modalities”.

Questioned by G1, the company did not detail until the last update of this report how the increase in the amount passed on to drivers will be absorbed by the company in order to avoid a rise in the price of the trip for the passenger.

99 reported that it increased its tariffs between 10% and 25% for the consumer in more than 20 metropolitan regions, including cities such as São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, Brasília, Goiânia, Fortaleza, Salvador, São Luís, João Pessoa and Maceió.

“The constant readjustments of fuel had a very negative impact on transport services per application,” informed 99 in a statement.

“The increase reviews the earnings of partner drivers and was defined taking into account the maintenance of the platform’s balance, to allow the population to continue to have access to a means of transport that is financially viable, safe and efficient,” added the company.

The company informed that the tariff adjustment will be passed on in full to drivers.

What makes gasoline and diesel prices go up?

What makes gasoline and diesel prices go up?

Drivers Complaint

Drivers of both apps had been complaining about the rise in fuel and how the business was no longer profitable.

The president of the São Paulo Application Drivers Association, Eduardo Lima de Souza, even stated that 25% of application drivers stopped working for the platforms since the beginning of the pandemic.