Withdrawal from camp protesters revolt on the Esplanade

posted on 9/10/2021 3:47 PM / updated on 9/10/2021 4:09 PM

  (credit: Bernardo Lima CB/DA/Press)

(credit: Bernardo Lima CB/DA/Press)

Protesters who have been occupying the Esplanade of Ministries since Monday (6/9) complain that the Military Police of the Federal District (PMDF) has used brutality to remove the camps, this Friday (10). O mail witnessed the moment when a man was arrested but released shortly thereafter.

“The organization’s staff informed us that we have authorization to stay here until the 20th [de setembro]. This is a legal occupation, it is our land, owned by the Brazilian people. We demanded an eviction warrant from the police, but there was no talk. They arrived this morning and asked us to leave,” said a man who declined to be identified.

“The police are bothering us every day. They’ve even sprayed families with pepper spray in the middle of the night. We’re civilized, so we’re leaving in peace, but there wasn’t any conversation, we were just asked to leave this morning,” said one woman who also chose not to identify himself.

The Public Security Secretariat of the DF (SSP/DF) stated, in a note, that the protesters who are still in the region are leaving voluntarily. The folder also informed that the forecast is that the entire area will be unoccupied by the end of the day.

On Thursday (9), the task force of the Integrated Operations Center in Brasília (Ciob), which takes care of the eviction of the Esplanade, negotiated with the groups the removal of cars, railings and structures at the site. Upon leaving the site, the battalion was cheered by pro-government groups.

Another militant, who also did not identify himself, praised the work of the police to the report. “If I could highlight one thing here, it would be cooperation between the police and the protesters. There was a moment of tension, but we managed to calmly get around everything,” he said.

traffic cleared

In a statement, the SSP states that the traffic of vehicles on the N1 and S1 roads on the Esplanada dos Ministérios — between the Cathedral and Avenida José Sarney — was cleared in the early afternoon.

“Access to Praça dos Três Poderes remains restricted and protected by bars and military police. The central area of ​​Brasília remains under monitoring by the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP/DF) and local security forces, through the Brasília Integrated Operations Center (Ciob) and field teams. The objective is to guarantee the safety of everyone who circulates in the region. Policing remains reinforced,” said the text sent to the press.

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