Wow! Viih Tube opens its doors and shows everything from a duplex mansion in São Paulo with the right to a SPA and cinema; come and see!

He left the most guarded house in the country for a luxurious penthouse! This Friday (10), Viih Tube opened the doors of his duplex apartment in Morumbi, in São Paulo, and gave all the details of the place to Casa Vogue Brasil. The property has 400 m², and the actress decorated it as she always dreamed.

At 21, the blonde said that she fell in love as soon as she saw the house, and that the acquisition was a dream come true. “It was the first house I visited and I said: ‘This is it!’ It was a learning experience not having programmed this house and, even so, having come so soon. It’s the place I most trust to unburden myself, to talk about myself with my mother, my father, my aunt, my boyfriend. It means a lot to me, my little corner. I’m really valuing what I’ve achieved, it wasn’t easy, I worked hard, I worked a lot since I was very young to achieve this. I’m very happy, it’s very unique to see a little place that you planned, broke everything and made your face”, commented the actress.

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Viih added that it took more than a year and a half to get everything just the way he dreamed. The youtuber corner has a large living room, dining room and fully equipped kitchen, cinema, spa, indoor elevator, outdoor area with swimming pool, hot tub and gourmet space. All decorated with rose gold marbled accents.

Viih Tube Shows Its Coverage In Sao Paulo 1631283731422 V2 900x506.png
Viih Tube shows its coverage in São Paulo (Reproduction/Youtube)

“I’m in love with pink and when I saw it, I decorated the whole house like this. From the living room pillows to the kitchen faucet, everything has rose gold. I didn’t know what it was like to love things from home”, said the actress, showing the details in the house, including a LED lamp written “Cancelada”. She comments that the accessory is not ironic: “No, it’s not mockery, it’s not pride. Quite the contrary, it’s a way of accepting who I am, my story, because it wasn’t as smooth a path as I’ve always wanted”. Check out the interview and see the property:

And among so much luxury in the influencer’s house, one of the parts that drew the most attention was the bathroom, which was not her favorite place at Big Brother Brasil 21. “It’s not even my bathroom, I said I like it bathroom and then I invested in mine. My boyfriend and I have the habit of taking a bath together, one encourages the other, because you know that bathing is not my thing very much”, she joked.

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“I’ve always wanted to reach a perfection that doesn’t exist in everything in my life, so it was a learning experience not having programmed this house and, even so, having it come so soon. I didn’t plan on having my own home when I was 19, but I think it’s amazing to know that I managed to conquer it without having idealized it so much, as I do with everything in my life.”, concluded the youtuber. Check the property details: