Xiaomi blocks smartphone use in Cuba, Iran and other “problematic” regions

For a long time, Xiaomi has always been more permissive when it comes to selling its smartphones. An example of this is that, despite being years without official representation in Brazil, many consumers could import the devices and normally use them on national soil.

This situation is repeated in several countries, including the United States. However, Xiaomi may have changed its mind and resolved block activated smartphones in countries and regions considered “problematic”.

The change was noticed by residents of Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan or Crimea.

See below a photo that shows how a Cuban’s cell phone looked after Xiaomi decided to block his device:

Interestingly, the regions affected by Xiaomi’s automatic blockade are precisely those that have problems with the United States. The message displayed by affected smartphones reads:

Xiaomi policy does not allow the sale or supply of this product in the territory in which you attempted to activate it. Please contact the retailer for additional information.

Of course is it possible to bypass the block, with two options:

  • Activate the smartphone in the country of origin of the sale
  • Install a custom ROM

For now, Xiaomi has not commented on the matter, but the company’s rules already make it clear that it is prohibited to sell smartphones to some countries:

All products sold are subject to applicable export control laws, including but not limited to US export control laws. Buyer will not export any product purchased from Seller to any country or territory or anywhere that export control laws prohibit. Prohibited countries and territories include Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and the Crimean region.