Zé Trovão declares the end of the truckers’ strike and defends Bolsonaro after a letter – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Reproduction/Social networks
Reproduction/Social networks

Zé Trovão was one of the leaders of the truck drivers movement

One of the main leaders of the protests against the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and in favor of the government, Zé Trovão released this Friday (10) afternoon, a video in which he declared the end of the stoppage of truck drivers, which at its apex blocked highways in at least 16 states. Joining supporters who backed off in their criticism of President Jair Bolsonaro, the truck driver defended “harmony between the powers” and said the president placed the country’s management above his popularity.

Zé Trovão was one of the leaders of the movement that initially received poorly Bolsonaro’s request for truck drivers to release the roads. A day later, the Pocket Nation militancy was again surprised after the president released a statement to the Nation, written with the help of former President Michel Temer, in which he backtracked from the tone adopted in the September 7 speeches.

In a video this Friday (10), in turn, Zé Trovão said that the truck drivers are respecting Bolsonaro’s appeal, based on a request for “trust” to his supporters. “He said that he (Bolsonaro) is doing work that he could never have done had it not been for the movements of September 7, 8, 9 and 10 of September. Today Brazil achieves its freedom of expression. This is guaranteed in this agreement, and beyond that. from today onwards, harmony between the powers will be a law, no power will be able anymore,” stated Zé Trovão

The truck driver was boosted in the networks when he summoned the president’s supporters to protest against the STF ministers. In August, he came under investigation by order of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, who asked for his arrest in early September. Zé Trovão then fled to Mexico. Now, parliamentarians allied with Bolsonaro are trying to guarantee his freedom, with a request presented to the Supreme.

Deputies Vitor Hugo (PSL-GO) and Carla Zambelli (PSL-SP) announced the aid to the truck driver after a meeting with the president and representatives of the category held yesterday at Planalto.

“Yesterday many thought that we had lost, that the president had abandoned us, but the meeting that lasted more than two hours was very decisive. The president placed his popularity below management, so that Brazil could have balance. This is very important, and in this movement we achieved something very important, respect from the world, and the respect of many people in politics, who from now on will be careful with their actions,” said Zé Trovão in the video released today, in which he also says he is awaiting the deliberation about habeas corpus presented to the STF.

In the statement, the Pocketnarista also stated that, despite the protests on the roads now having an end, the movement remains “alert”. “With an eye on the actions, if people think that we have loosened up or that we are simply going to let our guard down, they are wrong, we are respecting a request that President Bolsonaro made to us,” said Zé Trovão.