72.7 million Brazilians complete vaccination

Brazil has today reached the mark of 72.7 million people who have completed vaccination against covid-19. So far, 72,705,622 Brazilians have taken the second dose or the booster dose of an immunizing agent against the disease, equivalent to 34.08% of the country’s population. The survey is by the consortium of press vehicles from which the UOL is part, based on data passed on by the state health departments.

Between yesterday and today, 804,374 people completed the vaccination schedule in the country – of these, 802,724 received the second dose and another 1,650, the single dose. In the same period, 343,803 first doses and 66,589 booster doses were applied.

In total, the first dose was applied to 137,832,335 people in Brazil, corresponding to 64.61% of the national population. As for booster doses, applications reached 88,060.

In the last 24 hours, 1,214,766 doses of vaccine against covid-19 were applied in the country, adding the first, second, single and booster doses.

Bahia, Ceará, Minas Gerais, Rondônia, Rio Grande do Sul and Tocantins did not send updated data on vaccination until the closing time of the press consortium bulletin, at 8 pm.

The state with the highest proportion of the population with complete vaccination is Mato Grosso do Sul, with 48.71%. São Paulo (44.56%), Rio Grande do Sul (39.85%), Espírito Santo (37.35%) and Paraná (34.8%) come next.

São Paulo remains in the lead among those with the largest share of inhabitants who have already taken the first dose: 76.11% of the local population. Next are Rio Grande do Sul (67.7%), Santa Catarina (66.96%), Federal District (66.24%) and Paraná (66.14%).

Lacking AstraZeneca, Saúde says that SP used 2nd dose vaccines as 1st

In view of the lack of AstraZeneca vaccine at the service stations in the city of São Paulo, a new imbroglio between the São Paulo government and the Ministry of Health emerged, with an exchange of accusations and different versions of the problem.

The city of São Paulo asked the state government to receive new shipments of doses. But the state claimed to have sent the expected amount, charging the Ministry of Health for more doses and even threatening to go to the Supreme Court (Supreme Court).

Since the start of the vaccination campaign in January, the federal government has said that the quantities of doses promised may change — for both more and less — because they depend on delivery by manufacturers, who are filling doses for several countries around the world.

Brazil buys vaccines from Fiocruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation), responsible for AstraZeneca, from the Butantan Institute, which makes CoronaVac, and from Pfizer.

Vehicles unite for information

In response to the Jair Bolsonaro government’s decision to restrict access to data on the covid-19 pandemic, the media UOL, O Estado de S. Paulo, Folha de S.Paulo, O Globo, G1 and Extra formed a consortium to work collaboratively to seek the necessary information directly from the state health secretariats of the 27 units of the Federation.

The federal government, through the Ministry of Health, should be the natural source of these numbers, but the attitudes of authorities and the president himself during the pandemic cast doubt on the availability of the data and its accuracy.