A man who claims to have killed his wife for a soccer brawl becomes a femicide defendant – 11/09/2021

Leonardo Souza Ceschini, who confessed to stabbing his wife to death in January of this year, became a femicide defendant. Érica Fernandes Alves Ceschini, 34, supported Palmeiras and was killed in the kitchen of the apartment where she lived with her twin children, aged 2, in São Domingos, São Paulo, after the club won the Copa Libertadores. The businessman, a Corinthians fan, told police that the crime took place after a discussion motivated by football.

In an interview with universe, Epaminondas Gomes de Farias, Erica’s family lawyer, who serves as an assistant prosecutor at the Public Ministry, said family members never believed that sport was the only reason for the murder. “That, in itself, would be very serious. But we understand, even from the body of evidence presented, that there was in fact a femicide. The real motivation for the crime is the fact that Erica is a woman.”

The businessman was arrested in the act on January 31st, but was released on February 25th. At the time, judge Giovanna Christina Colares, who authorized the release, stated that there was “excess of the defendant’s provisional arrest.” Since then, as the report found out, Erica’s family has lived with the fear that he might flee the country, since he has family members abroad.

In July, the case’s prosecutor, Fernando Bolque, denounced Leonardo for the crime of intentional homicide, qualified as femicide, with the aggravations of a futile and half-cruel motive. That same month, the judge accepted the complaint against the accused, but he remained at large. The next step will be a hearing to hear witnesses for the prosecution and defense. Then, if the Court understands that there are enough elements, Leonardo will be taken to the jury.