A shower of celebrities deactivating their Instagram accounts intrigues the web

Internet users are intrigued by the number of celebrities who have deactivated their Instagram accounts this weekend. So far, the web lacks four well-known people: the influencer Lucas Guimarães, the actor Caio Castro and the ex-BBBs Gizelly Bicalho and Arthur Picoli. When entering any of these profiles, the social network presents a message stating that that page is not available.

For most Internet users, the mystery will be revealed with an advertising action, but there are also those who bet that the action was not orchestrated and would only be to draw attention. In the case of Caio Castro, fans believe he is trying to distance himself from rumors involving his name and those of eventual affairs.

“There, he’s already got what he wanted”, commented an internaura in an Instagram post, about Arthur’s departure from the network. “What’s the problem with these people today? Caio Castro, Arthur… who will be next?”, confabulated another. “I’ve published it, yes or for sure?”, opined a third person.


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