After Galvão Bueno and Patrícia Pillar’s criticism of Neymar Jr, Rafaella Santos comes to her brother’s defense, understand

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Neymar Jr drew attention today (11) for a comment made after the match between Brazil and Peru, with that, Patricia Pillar and Galvão Bueno criticized the player’s attitude. However, the sister of Neymar, Rafaella Santos, came out in his defense and even chested the presenter in his statement.

In Brazil’s last game against Peru (9/9), Neymar declared that it would be an honor to pass the King Pele in the list of top scorers who played with the national team’s shirt. Patricia Pillar spoke about the player’s comment and lamented with the following statement: “Neymar disappoints me more every day. Talking about putting Pelé in the artillery was absolutely regrettable”.

A netizen agreed with the actress and told about an interview with Neymar at Globo Esporte where he stands against the media: “Today I watched an interview with him on Globo Esporte, I didn’t believe his words against the press, against people, he forgot that it was the media that made his name. Mainly Globo, but he’ll have a comeback, he’s not playing anything”.

However, another internet user disagreed with the tweeter saying that Neymar he’s a natural ace and doesn’t depend on the media for anything and, thanks to his work and determination, it was the media that profited from it, check out more on Twitter:

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Rafaella Santos comes to Neymar’s defense against Galvão Bueno

In the same game between Brazil and Peru, Galvão Bueno made some comments that displeased the sister of Neymar, with that, she ended up facing the presenter. Everything happened when in a move, Neymar was elated by a foul and ended up getting a yellow card:

“Calm down, Neymar, calm down. This is what Neymar lacks a little bit. you don’t see the [Lionel] Messi do this. Neymar still lacks this self-control, because Messi gets as bad as he does”, commented Galvão Bueno.

Rafaella Santos he didn’t leave it for less and answered the presenter in the Instagram story: “Galvão, stop wanting to keep comparing Neymar and Messi. There is no such thing, stop it, my son! The two are hunted, they are both legal. Go there, you go out on the field and get hit like he does and have to say nothing”, check out more on the Instagram profile TV News:

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