After making fun of Juliette, Mion can play with anyone at the Cauldron – 11/09/2021

Marcos Mion asked permission and even authorization from Carminha on Avenida Brasil to make fun of Juliette in the painting “That’s Globo Mostra” at Caldeirão this Saturday (11). Those who followed the BBB 21 know that, in addition to being numerous, the fans of the current champion of the program are completely in love with the muse. No one who speaks ill of her goes unpunished by cacti, the name given to her fans.

Knowing this, Mion made a scene and said he was scared right at the beginning of the frame. But it didn’t even have to, since the presenter knows how to make humor like few others. He laughs with people and not them, that makes all the difference. Nobody is ridiculed. On the contrary, appearing in “This a Globo Mostra” works as a tribute.

Mion chose the clip of Juliette with Wesley Safadão made for Criança Esperança. He analyzed every detail, from the costumes, the sets and even the way the artists dance. It was light and funny, so much so that it won her fans.

We can even say that by choosing to play with Juliette, Mion united all the tribes. Everyone had fun with the painting, both those who love her and those who don’t like the ex-BBB.

After completing this challenge so well, Mion is able to make fun of anyone on his show. The new owner of Globo’s Saturdays passed the test by fire with Juliette and proved that being mocked by him is the newest level of success that an artist should aspire to.

Who will be next?