After nearly 4 years out of the market, Meizu announces the return of the ‘Blue Charm’ brand

Meizu is a Chinese electronics manufacturer that gained prominence through its ‘Blue Charm’ product line, which was introduced to the market a few years ago but which in March 2018 announced it would discontinue the manufacture of cell phones, a device that until then was the main product marketed by the brand.

This Friday (10) Meizu revealed that it will return with the ‘Blue Charm’ line, which, unlike what we saw earlier, should reappear with major changes and new products.

The brand’s return confirmation was made in a publication on Weibo — a Chinese social network similar to Twitter — which announced the return of the Meizu Blue Charm after a hiatus of exactly 1,269 days, in other words, almost four years.

According to information, the brand’s return will not only be in the smartphone segment, being expanded to several other types of devices, including televisions, tablets, clocks and routers. This information has not yet been confirmed by the company, but Meizu has created several profiles for the Blue Charm brand, indicating the possibility of investing in other products as well.

Some rumors indicate that the Blue Charm brand will be headed by Hua Hailiang, vice president of Meizu Technology, who is expected to strategize to make the brand stand out in the global market after a significant loss of space occupied by Huawei, which continues to be hit hard by trade sanctions from United States.

For now we don’t know when the company will announce its first products after the return, however new details are expected to be published in the coming weeks.

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