Altos sinks Santa Cruz with paint from outside the goal area in Serie C; see bid | brazilian series c

On Saturday, left-back Tiaguinho, from Altos, freed the Piauí team from any chance of relegation in Serie C. A kick from outside the area noted by the player gave Jacaré a 1-0 victory over Santa Cruz, at Arruda, in Recife. The accurate submission zeroed the chances of the Piauí team’s fall and further sunk the Pernambuco team, which is in trouble at the Z-2 of the 3rd division of the Brazilian Championship. The painting was annotated thanks to a slight deviation in the coral defense. Look above.

Tiaguinho hits a shot from outside the area and guarantees victory for Altos over Santa Cruz — Photo: TV Globo

Full-back celebrates great goal with teammates at Arruda — Photo: Marlon Costa (Pernambuco Press)

Altos and Santa Cruz entered the field fighting to escape relegation. Jacaré depended only on himself to be mathematically unreachable by the group at the bottom of the Group A table. Jacaré reached 21 points and touched the G-4, the classification zone for the next phase.

The defeat at home left Santa Cruz one step away from relegation to Serie D – only a combination of results can save them. The team from Pernambuco may have confirmed the fall this Sunday morning if Floresta beat Tombense, in Tombos, Minas Gerais.