América-MG improves after the break and beats Athletico

In the match that opened the return of the Brazilian Championship, América-MG was superior to Athletico throughout this afternoon (11). But the home team only managed to swing the goals of Arena Independência after the break. Felipe Azevedo and Lucas Kal scored the goals that gave the miners a 2-0 victory in the 20th round.

Despite the triumph, Coelho remains in the relegation zone, in 17th place, with 21 points. Hurricane, on the other hand, completes the seventh game in a row without seeing it in the tournament and remains with 24 points, dropping to tenth place.

In the next round, the team from Minas Gerais visits Corinthians on Sunday (19), at 6:15 pm, while the Paraná team will host Juventude on Saturday (19), at 6:45 pm. Before that, however, Rubro-Negro will face Santos in Vila Belmiro on Tuesday (14), at 9:30 pm, to decide on a spot in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil.

Who did well: Ademir

The shirt 10 of Alviverde was the team’s commander on the field. The player articulated the moves well, created the main plays and also accelerated the pace when needed.

Who was wrong: Pedro Rocha

The striker has yet to rediscover his good football at Athletico. Hired less than a month ago, the player has not yet managed to fit in properly with his teammates.

house control

In the week that the Independence of Brazil was celebrated, América-MG asserted the field command in its Arena and controlled the game from beginning to end. In the first half, Juninho, at 4, and Marlon, at 11, had their first chances.

The Athletico only threatened in counterattacks. The one who took the most danger was Erick, who headed close to the crossbar in the 24th minute. Alviverde continued to dominate, but was not successful in entering the opposing area.

VAR appears

In a match without TV broadcast, the video referee was one of the few who watched the confrontation. However, Rodrigo Dalonso Ferreira didn’t just watch and interfered well in the confrontation. Bissoli swung the net after Cavichioli rebounded on Richard’s kick, 36 in the first half. However, Christian, at the beginning of the play, was in an irregular position.

Conversation in the locker room resolves

The two teams returned from the break without changes, and Coelho came with everything for the second stage. If América-MG had already been better before the break, it was even better in the complementary time. The club dominated completely and took advantage of another bad performance by Athletico, which didn’t offer much danger.

Ribamar had a chance with just one minute, and Felipe Azevedo’s goal was scored at 2. Juninho crossed the middle of the area, and the forward went up with everything to send it to the net.

Debut of Zárate

Argentine striker Mauro Zárate entered the 18th minute of the second stage and participated well in the match. The athlete helped the mandates to control the confrontation and, with just six minutes on the field, he tabled with Patrick and crossed to Lucas Kal, who extended the score to América-MG.

ecological awareness

Created in 2003, the National Day of the Cerrado is celebrated this Saturday (11) and was remembered by Coelho’s team. The players entered the field with phrases to reinforce the importance of preserving the biome, which is predominant in Minas Gerais and the second largest in South America.


Date: 11/09/2021
Local: Arena Independência, in Belo Horizonte (MG);
Hour: 4:00 pm (Brasilia);
Referee: Marielson Alves Silva (BA);
Assistants: Elicarlos Franco de Oliveira (BA) and Edevan de Oliveira Pereira (BA).
VAR: Rodrigo Dalonso Ferreira (SC).

Goals: Felipe Azevedo, at 2′, and Lucas Kal, at 24′, both in the second half, for América-MG.

Yellow cards: Felipe Azevedo (AME), Abner (ATH).

America-MG: Matheus Cavichioli; Patric, Eduardo Bauermann, Ricardo Silva and Marlon; Lucas Kal (Zé Ricardo), Juninho and Ademir (Alê); Felipe Azevedo (Rodolfo), Fabricio Daniel (Berrío) and Ribamar (Zárate). Technician: Vagner Mancini.

Athletic: Saints; Marcinho, Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno and Abner; Richard, Christian (Renato Kayser) and Erick; Pedro Rocha (Carlos Eduardo), Terans (Márcio Azevedo) and Bissoli (Jader). Technician: Paulo Autuori.