An unprecedented survey in RJ shows that the mental health of young people is the most impacted by the pandemic

An unprecedented survey carried out in the state of Rio indicates that young people and adolescents are experiencing the pandemic in a more complex way than other age groups.

Just at the time of personality formation and the creation of experiences for maturity, they lost the freedom to leave because of the risk of contagion from Covid-19.

According to specialists, if for society as a whole, learning to live more isolated is difficult, for these young people and adolescents there is a mission that is even more challenging.

To support public health policies and alert society, the State Department of Health (SES) carried out a survey on each generation to analyze how the people of Rio de Janeiro are being impacted in this time of pandemic. Check out the most affected age groups:

Vulnerability of young people and adolescents / 2019 and 2020

  • 20 to 39 years: 45%

  • 15 and 19 years old: 22%

Mortality and self-inflicted violence

“In the survey, we also noticed that, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, the mortality rate has gradually increased. Men are the ones who suffer the most, with a death rate three times higher than women. Women, in turn, are the ones who suffer most from self-inflicted violence, reaching 72.4% of the total cases registered in the public network in 2020. And the number of these self-inflicted cases has increased significantly in recent years,” she explains the coordinator of Health Surveillance and Promotion, SES, Eralda Ferreira.

Another phenomenon noticed in the survey is the stronger growth of violence records in general for females, both suicides and self-harm notifications.

The Brazilian reality needs even more attention because, while in the world there was a 36% reduction in the global suicide mortality rate in the last 20 years, in the Americas, the movement was the opposite and registered a 17% increase in the suicide mortality rate in the same period.

In Brazil, this expansion has also been verified in the last ten years:

Suicide deaths / every 100,000 inhabitants

  • 2019: 6.42

  • 2009: 4.95

  • Growth: 30%

September Yellow

Based on these analyzes and also on the return of care from the Superintendent of Psychosocial Care and Vulnerable Populations, this year, the State Department of Health elected young people and adolescents as the main focus of attention for the dissemination of the Yellow September, which is the date chosen to address the issue of suicide and self-inflicted violence in the population.

A forum held this week on suicide prevention in young people and adolescents can be seen on RJ State Department of Health channel on YouTube.

“It is important to be attentive to the signs and always have reception as a fundamental rule, especially now that the hopelessness resulting from the pandemic crisis is one of the most present feelings. In addition, we are also focusing on the construction of the suffering that the person and the its relationship with the collective”, advises the superintendent of Psychosocial Care and Vulnerable Populations at SES-RJ, Karen Athié.

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