Analysis: only 100% of the return, Botafogo grows in the decisive moment of Series B | firefight

The phrase is already in the mouth of any Alvinegro fan: Botafogo is packed. No wonder: the team is the only 100% in the second round and continues to climb the Series B table at high speed. Consolidated in the G-4, with a four-point advantage, the next step is the hunt for the leader, in a gap that dropped to four points.

The Rio team has four victories in four games in the return. The only one that comes close is Coxa, who only lost once, to Botafogo himself. For the rest, the other rivals accumulate missteps. It is in this devastating sequence, which comes from the first round, that the team took the elevator and went straight up to the top positions. To give you an idea, the alvinegros were in ninth place for just seven rounds. Now, they already occupy the third position.

Of the G-4 members, leader Coritiba has already lost to Botafogo and CRB and Goiás have drawn twice.

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Daniel Borges was one of the heroes of the victory — Photo: André Durão

Londoner is the victim of the time

Apart from the good results, the team convinces the fans that they will fight for access until the end. Thanks to the best performance since the arrival of Enderson Moreira, who has nine wins in 11 games. The victim of the time was Londrina, with the 4-0 last Saturday.

The game was already in shape even before the red card for the people of Paraná before the 20th minute. The expulsion early on turned control into Botafogo’s absolute domain. The team showed repertoire and did not forgive the opponent’s mistakes. With three great goals, he decided to stop in the first half.

The path to victory was on the sides of the field. Mainly on the left, where Carlinhos and Marco Antônio appeared well. The full-back, who won a chance as a starter, spent more time on the edge than on defense. Botafogo positioned the players to open the field, which made Londrina’s life difficult when it came to closing the spaces.

In the first half, the volume was not so great, but the efficiency promoted the massacre. In six submissions, Bota put three balls in the net. And annulled the opponent, who only got one submission, out. Diego was not a privileged fan on the field only because he guided the defense’s positioning all the time so as not to lose focus.

The elastic scoreboard made the final step practically protocol. It was no longer a Warley goal, the highlight of a game that served to crown important names in this race, but that do not always win the spotlight.

The Voice of the Fans - Pedro Dep: "We're on our honeymoon with Professor Enderson Moreira"

A Voz da Torcida – Pedro Dep: “We’re on our honeymoon with Professor Enderson Moreira”

Goals reward key players

Starting with Warley, who went from being highly contested to starting with merits. Entered the top scorer stage and was decisive in recent victories. He was one of the stars of the night, but not the only one. The other two that helped build the result, Daniel Borges and Marco Antônio, also had their performance crowned with goals.

They are players who have been questioned by fans in previous moments, but have become important parts of the team assembled by Enderson Moreira. Daniel appears little in attack because he plays a tactical role with the defenders to facilitate the ball out. Attacks are rare, but one of them resulted in last Saturday’s great goal.

Marco Antônio is another one who helps to balance the team, often without the ball, and he doesn’t always appear in front when it’s time to shine. Against Londrina, they scored a goal and made a play before serving Warley. He came out as one of the best on the field.

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