Apple may skip number 13 and launch iPhone 14 this week, rumor says

Apple can skip the iPhone 13 line straight to 14 next Tuesday (14). The information began to gain traction this weekend among people who are used to following the Cupertino giant’s production chain.

Apparently, the reason is simple: superstition.

In many Western countries (including Brazil), 13 is considered the unlucky number. An example of this can be seen mainly in the United States, where there are buildings that do not have the 13th floor and some airports jump from boarding platform 12 straight to 14.

For now, the Apple does not confirm the information and does not comment on the subject. Thus, we emphasize that everything needs to be considered as just another market rumor.

That’s because Apple’s track record shows that the company isn’t all that superstitious.

In 2010 Apple did not skip the iPhone 4 in China and eastern countries, even though it is considered an unlucky number in the region. In addition, the company did not skip the MacBook 13, nor did it stop producing iOS 13.

Remember that all speculations should end next Tuesday (14), and you can follow the company’s event and all the news here on TudoCelular.

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